CW's Batman Spin-off: New Poster Highlights Bruce Wayne's Murder

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Some new promotional posters for CW's upcoming Gotham Knights series have landed, and they focus on the murder of Bruce Wayne.

Back in 2021, Warner Bros. announced they had greenlit a show following Batman's adopted son and four children of the hero's enemies as the group is framed for killing the Dark Knight.

To put it bluntly, fans are not excited by the concept. The show's first trailer was heavily ridiculed when it was first released.

Despite the reception and the regime change in Warner Bros., the series is going full steam ahead with its premiere set for next month.

New Posters for CW's Not-Batman Show

On Twitter, CW's Gotham Knights' official account tweeted brand-new promotional posters for the show's upcoming debut.

The first sees the cast of main characters standing together. This includes, from left to right, Fallon Smythe, Tyler DiChiara, Oscar Morgan, Navia Ziraili Robinson, and Olivia Rose Keegan.

Gotham Knights
Warner Bros.

The second, which sees Misha Collin's Harvey Dent front and center, asks an important question: "Who killed Batman?"

Gotham Knights
Warner Bros.

Who's the true murderer? The recently revealed villains are the likely culprits: the Court of Owls.

The shrouded owl-inspired baddies made their first appearance in the comics in 2012. They're known for their shady conspiracies throughout Gotham, so picking them as the main antagonist was an obvious choice.

Oddly enough, the recent video game of the same name featured the same exact villains in a story focusing on the death of Batman.

Does Gotham Knights Have a Future?

The biggest question that most have about this series is, does it even have a future once it premieres its debut episodes?

After all, the Arrowverse is ending with The Flash's final season. Additionally, the adjacent series Superman & Lois reportedly only has a season or two left.

Then there are Pennyworth, Titans, and Doom Patrol, all of which were both recently canceled. So, how could Gotham Knights possibly live?

Honestly, it'll almost certainly be canned sooner rather than later. Though, the series might end up lucky enough to release its whole first season before that happens.

Gotham Knights premieres on March 14 on The CW.

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