Best Look at Brie Larson's New Captain Marvel 2 Costume Revealed (Photos)

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Brie Larson Captain Marvel 2 suit

Fans got their best look yet at one of Brie Larson's new costumes from the MCU's next theatrical movie, The Marvels, in new set photos showing off Captain Marvel.

Although she hasn’t been seen outside of post-credits sequences since the end of the Infinity Saga yet, Larson's Captain Marvel has already gotten a couple of upgrades in the costume department ahead of Captain Marvel 2.

One of these was seen in the post-credits scene from Ms. Marvel on Disney+ and again in the first trailer for The Marvels, and the only questions remaining now are how many suits she will wear and how they play into her upcoming solo sequel.

Captain Marvel 2 Pics Show Brie Larson's Costume

Entertainment Weekly shared new photos from Marvel Studios' The Marvels, which highlighted Brie Larson's second new Captain Marvel suit that she will don in the MCU sequel.

The Marvls
Entertainment Weekly

While there are clear similarities to her classic Captain Marvel look, Captain Marvel 2 includes a suit with some notable differences as Larson returns to the big screen.

The blue and red are more dulled down in terms of coloring, making them blend in more with one another, and the Kree logo on her chest is significantly bigger than it was on any of her past outfits.

Captain Marvel new suit
Entertainment Weekly

This is the same suit that Larson was seen wearing in the first trailer for Captain Marvel 2 from April, pitting her alongside Monica Rambeau and Kamala Khan in their new outfits.

The Marvels
Marvel Studios

That shot didn't have the best lighting to put Larson at the forefront, but it was the first reveal for the second new suit she'll wear in this upcoming MCU sequel.

Captain Marvel
Marvel Studios

This suit is inspired by a character from the comics named Genis-Vell, the offspring of a genetically-enhanced Kree super-soldier who made a return to Marvel Comics in 2022's Genis-Vell: Captain Marvel.

Marvel Comics, Genis-Vell
Marvel Comics

How Will Captain Marvel Evolve in Captain Marvel 2?

Seeing Brie Larson in a brand-new suit is certainly an exciting prospect for The Marvels' ongoing promotional tour, especially with Monica Rambeau and Kamala Khan donning their own new suits alongside her.

But now, the big question is how she'll move from suit to suit in this exciting new sequel as this movie looks to kick off potentially major ramifications for the entire Multiverse Saga.

Thus far, early plot details tease that the three leading heroines will have to learn quickly how to work with one another as they find their powers entangled with one another across the galaxy.

And with promotional merchandising also teasing plenty of what's on the way in Phase 5's next movie, questions will only continue to pop up about what Marvel has in store for one of its most powerful characters.

The Marvels is set to arrive in theaters on November 10.

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