Black Adam Movie Reveals 9 New Funko Pops

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Black Adam Funko

DC's upcoming superhero film Black Adam isn't set to land in theaters until October. The movie stars Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson as the titular Black Adam, a superpowered being with good intentions but questionable execution, although the film doesn't even have a trailer yet. In fact, it was supposed to be in theaters in December of 2021 but concerns that were out of Warner Bros. hands forced the studio to delay.

But none of that has stopped the merchandising and marketing materials for the film from beginning to trickle out. Nothing huge, like a Hot Toys figure, has been revealed as of yet, but fans of smaller-scale items are in for a bit of a treat.

Black Adam Funko Pops Unveiled

Variety has shown a selection of Funko Pop figures based on the many characters of DC's Black Adam, including several different versions of Dwayne Johnson's main character. Check them out below.

Aldis Hodge's Hawkman shines in his cruiser vehicle, complete with his full helmet and costume.

Pre-order the Hawkman Funko Pop! here.

Hawkman Funko Pop

Up next is the villainous Sabbac, complete with a ball of fire in his hand.

Pre-order the Sabbac Funko Pop! here.

Sabbac Funko Pop

Moving on, there's Hawkman striking a battle stance, mace in hand. 

Pre-order the Hawkman Funko Pop! here.

Hawkman Funko Pop

Also in the lineup is Pierce Brosnan's powerful Doctor Fate, whose Funko highlights his eyeless mask and the magic coming from his hands.

Pre-order the Doctor Fate Funko Pop! here.

Dr. Fate Funko Pop

Then there's Quintessa Swindell's Cyclone, including purple and gold highlights around her eyes.

 Pre-order the Cyclone Funko Pop! here.

Cyclone Funko Pop

Coming in hot is the size-changing Atom smasher, played by Noah Centineo, in his bright blue and red costume.

Pre-order the Atom Smasher Funko Pop! here.

Atom Smasher Funko Pop

Then there's Black Adam himself, harnessing his lightning powers. 

Pre-order the Black Adam Lightning Funko Pop! here.

Black Adam Funko Pop

Another Adam figurine comes in, this one hovering in mid-air with help from a clear plastic stand. 

Pre-order the Black Adam Flying Funko Pop! here.

Black Adam Funko Pop

And finally, Adam sits high and mighty atop his throne. 

Pre-order the Black Adam Throne Funko Pop! here.

Black Adam Funko Pop


Black Adam Takes Center Stage

The Rock has been hyping up this movie for a very long time after first being cast in the role well over a decade ago. It will be interesting to see what the superstar brings to the table in the arena of DC superhero films.

Of course, as one can plainly see above, Black Adam is far from the only superpowered character in the film. Heroes like Doctor Fate, Hawkman, and Cyclone have never appeared on the big screen in live-action before, making Black Adam an exciting place for their long-awaited debut.

But it's clear that the main attraction for most moviegoers is Dwayne Johnson. As one of the busiest actors in Hollywood (and highest paid) Johnson promises spectacle galore in Black Adam and has famously teased that "the hierarchy of power in the DC Universe is about to change" upon the release of the film.

Black Adam hits theaters on October 21.

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