New Black Adam Trailer Release Date Announced By Dwayne Johnson

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Audiences were disappointed when Warner Bros. pulled the carpet out from underneath everybody’s feet and completely shifted its DC Films slate. While at one point the world was going to be getting four live-action ventures in 2022, now there’ll only be three. The next one up is Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam, which got shifted back a few months to October 21 later this year.

The movie will follow anti-hero Teth-Adam as he becomes king of Kahndaq and takes on the moniker The Black Adam. His powers resemble those of Zachary Levi’s Shazam, as they come from the same source—though don’t expect the two to interact just yet.

Johnson has been very vocal about his love for the character, which has led him to market his debut harder than most leading actors would. Now he’s taken to social media again to announce when the next trailer for the project will be dropped.

When Will Black Adam's Trailer Release?

Dwayne Johnson, the actor behind Black Adam's titular character, has taken to Instagram where he revealed the release date of a new trailer for his upcoming DC Comics film.

Alongside a new picture of himself in costume on the steps of the character's throne, the actor teased the moment in the project where Black Adam "has EARNED his right to take his sacred place on high," and also dropped the reveal that the next trailer for his movie would release on Wednesday, June 8:

"For the millions of you who know the Black Adam mythology - you understand the meaning and power of this throne. I made a promise to myself that I would not sit on the throne until we shot the actual scene where Black Adam has EARNED his right to take his sacred place on high. So I always just sat at the steps and did my homework... we finally filmed “the iconic moment” and what a moment it was... world Premiere of the BLACK ADAM trailer... JUNE 8TH..."

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Dwayne Johnson Hypes Up His Hero

It does seem a little early to be announcing a trailer that won’t premiere for roughly two weeks. Dwayne Johnson might have jumped the gun on this one.

Either way, it’s hard to blame him—the man’s stoked about his character’s debut in the DCEU. It’s never a bad thing when the leading actor behind a mainstay superhero, or icon of any time, is just as excited about creating their project as fans are to watch it.

So what should fans expect to see? One good guess would be another big action piece or two. With more time having passed for VFX work to get on, there are likely more trailer moment-type shots ready for prime time.

Hopefully, the new teaser will also give audiences some context as to who will be the main threat in the film. Sure, the Justice Society will probably be giving Black Adam a hard time, but it’s hard to believe they’ll be the only antagonists for Dwayne Johnson’s hero.

Black Adam hits theaters on October 21 later this year.

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