Dwayne Johnson Reacts to The Batman Movie's Success

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Warner Bros. has a massive year planned out for DCEU content, which is already underway to overwhelming success. Before Dwayne Johnson and Jason Momoa join the fray with Black Adam and Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, Robert Pattinson gets the first crack at the big-screen spotlight. That comes with the long-awaited release of The Batman, which is now officially in theaters across the world.

Following nearly a full year of delays, The Batman is becoming quite the hit for Warner Bros. as the company extends its superhero content beyond the DCEU.

On the critical side, the solo Caped Crusader movie is earning praise for its raw and visceral storytelling, particularly with Paul Dano's standout performance as The Riddler. From a financial standpoint, there is no let-up from fans, who have helped push The Batman's opening weekend to the biggest numbers for any movie this side of Spider-Man: No Way Home.

While fans and critics are certainly enjoying what The Batman put forth, the same can be said for other major players both in and out of the DC Extended Universe. Most recently, arguably the franchise's biggest superstar shared his own thoughts on what the latest Dark Knight solo film is doing.

The Rock Smells What The Batman is Cooking

Batman, Catwoman

Black Adam star Dwayne Johnson took to Twitter to congratulate the team behind The Batman during the movie's opening weekend in theaters. This comes after Matt Reeves' film earned $128.5 million at the domestic box office.

While praising The Batman for its early box office run, he noted how great it is to see the movie help with the entire film industry as a whole. Specifically shouting out Warner Bros and the cast and crew on The Batman, Johnson made sure to express his gratitude for what DC is doing with its movies:

"Love seeing The Batman do this kind of spectacular box office business. Excellent uptick trend for our movie industry, our WB/DC partners and most importantly, A BIG HAPPY AUDIENCE 
Congrats to the cast + crew! I know how hard you’ve all worked"

Dwayne Johnson Sings The Batman's Praises

Even for all the star power that DC boasts, nobody has a bigger following or fan base than Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. While he waits in the wings to make his debut as the immensely powerful Black Adam, seeing him send out this kind of support for The Batman can only help push Matt Reeves' movie to new heights.

On top of just enjoying the movie, Johnson sees what The Batman is doing to help get the movie industry back on its feet after a rough couple of years at the theaters. While the box office numbers are obviously important in that regard, seeing how much fans are enjoying the movie is what's truly motivating Johnson to share such positive sentiments.

Now, while The Batman looks to continue its impressive run at the box office, Johnson is in the final stages of preparation for Black Adam's upcoming release in July. Particularly if Pattisnon's solo outing continues to find this kind of success, Johnson will only look to take that success and run with it as Black Adam makes its own mark on the big screen.

The Batman is now playing in theaters worldwide. Black Adam is set to release globally on July 29, 2022.

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