First Look at Amber Heard's Aquaman 2 Funko Pop Revealed (Photos)

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Amber Heard, Aquaman, Mera

A full wave of Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom Funko Pops was revealed and the offerings included Amber Heard’s Mera.

As Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom gets closer and closer to shore, many have been curious as to just how much of a role the embattled Amber Heard has in the DC sequel.

Director James Wan recently indicated that the way the film’s story flows doesn’t necessitate a large role for Mera. Still, the character has indeed been featured in the marketing and that, of course, includes merchandise.

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom Funko Pop Lineup Includes Mera

A new assortment of Funko Pops based upon DC’s Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom has been put up for pre-order. 

Notably present among the selection is Amber Heard’s Mera, despite speculation that her heroine doesn’t actually get much screen time in the film.

Mera, Aquaman 2 funko pop

The Pop-in-question shows Mera using her water-controlling abilities while wearing what looks to be the same costume she wore in the first film from 2018.

Pre-order the new Mera Pop! here.

Mera Funko Pop

Then there’s Mera’s equally underwater beau, Arthur Curry aka, Aquaman. Curry has a son in the forthcoming sequel, which could mean he tied the knot with Mera.

Pre-order the new Aquaman (Hero Suit) Pop! Here.

Aquaman Funko Pop

As glimpsed in the trailer, Aquaman dons a stealth suit at one point in Lost Kingdom. Perhaps he and Orm conduct a covert mission? The figure from Funko features translucent lower legs to simulate the suit’s invisibility.

Pre-order the new Aquaman (Stealth Suit) Pop! here.

Stealth Suit Aquaman Funko Pop

The fearsome Black Manta, played in both movies by Yahya Abdul Mateen II, is out for revenge against Arthur in the second film. The Funko Pop version is holding the mysterious, deadly Black Trident.

Pre-order the new Black Manta Pop! here.

Black Manta Funko Pop

AMC spokesperson extraordinaire Nicole Kidman reprises her role as Aquaman’s mother Atlanna in the new film. By the looks of the footage that’s been released, Kidman will get to take part in some of the action sequences.

Pre-order the new Atlanna Pop! here.

Atlanna Funko Pop

Aquaman is forced to team up with his half-brother Orm (Patrick Wilson) in the sequel. Funko’s figurine is complete with screen-accurate, albeit stylized costuming details.

Pre-order the new Orm Pop! here.

Orm Funko Pop

Fan-favorite Randall Park will return as Dr. Stephen Shin in Lost Kingdom. He looks to be wearing a wetsuit here, perhaps indicating some undersea action for the character.

Pre-order the new Dr. Shin Pop! here.

Dr. Shin Funko Pop

Aquaman’s seahorse steed Storm will be introduced in the movie. Funko has offered him both on his own and with Curry riding atop him.

Pre-order the new Storm Pop! here.

Storm Funko Pop

Arthur Curry looks ready for battle with Storm and his trident by his side. This deluxe offering from Funko captures the duo perfectly.

Pre-order the new Aquaman and Storm Pop! here.

Aquaman and Storm Funko Pop

How Much of a Role Will Amber Heard Have In Aquaman 2?

With the already-released Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom footage only revealing snippets of Mera, it’s a bit up in the air as to how much she’s featured.

With Amber Heard being such a controversial figure, the general consensus among fans is that Warner Bros. and James Wan eliminated much of Heard’s part in the film.

The full scope of how much of Mera is in the movie likely won’t become public knowledge until Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom hits theaters on December 20.

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