Full Cast of Between Lands on Netflix - Every Main Character & Actor Who Appears (Photos)

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Between Lands

Between Lands arrives on Netflix behind an impressive cast of actors playing out this new dramatic adventure.

This 10-episode Spanish-language series (also known as Entre Tierras) centers on a woman working through an arranged marriage so that she can protect her sister and the rest of her family.

Set in 1960s Spain, the show's main character quickly finds out the dark truth behind her new wealthy husband.

Between Lands debuted on Netflix on March 28, with all 10 episodes arriving simultaneously.

Every Character & Actor in Between Lands

Megan Montaner - María Rodríguez

Megan Montaner as María Rodríguez in Between Lands
Megan Montaner

Megan Montaner takes on leading role duties in Between Lands as María Rodríguez.

Giving up her dreams of being a hairdresser, Rodríguez moves to Germany early in the series with her boyfriend and first love as she does her best to protect her family.

As the relationship with her new husband moves forward, she is forced to choose between love and family, putting a sense of selflessness and wisdom on display.

Montaner can also be seen in 30 Coins, Sin identidad, and El secreto de Puente Viejo.

Unax Ugalde - Manuel

Unax Ugalde as Manuel in Between Worlds
Unax Ugalde

Unax Ugalde comes into the story as Manuel, who is arranged to marry María Rodríguez.

As he attempts to raise his son following his previous wife's disappearance, Manuel struggles with that new reality as he works through his anger.

Already in an affair with his housekeeper, once Rodríguez comes into play through the arranged marriage, he kicks out his housekeeper to confront a whole new set of challenges.

Ugalde's previous credits include Che: Part One, Goya's Ghosts, and La buena nueva.

Carlos Serrano - José Aguilar

Carlos Serrano as José Aguilar in Between Worlds
Carlos Serrano

While Rodríguez embraces her arranged marriage to Manuel, her first true love is José Aguilar, portrayed in this series by Carlos Serrano.

Having moved to Germany years before the series starts, Aguilar comes off as quite an outgoing person, although he has no issues getting his way by taking advantage of the kindness of others.

Manipulating his way back into Rodríguez's life, he comes up with a scheme to break up the arranged marriage and get his love back.

Serrano's other major credits come in Toledo, Stars at Noon, and Fuerza de paz.

Juanjo Puigcorbé - Ramón Cervantes

Juanjo Puigcorbé as Ramón Cervantes in Between Worlds
Juanjo Puigcorbé

Juanjo Puigcorbé plays an important role in Between Worlds as Ramón Cervantes, Manuel's wealthy landowner uncle.

Known for his chauvinistic tendencies, Cervantes does not feel any sort of connection with other people, rather spending more time and energy with his animals.

He also exhibits a passionate desire to protect both the land he owns and his bloodline and legacy, openly confronting anybody who stands in his way.

Fans can also see Puigcorbé in El amor perjudica seriamente la salud, Mi hermano del alma, and Pepe Carvalho.

Begoña Maestre - Justa Martínez

Begoña Maestre as Justa Martínez in Between Worlds
Begoña Maestre

Justa Martínez, the widow of the estate's caretaker who has her own secret affair, is portrayed by Begoña Maestre.

Living with the stigma of being unable to conceive children, she works as the housekeeper for the Cervantes, inciting fear in the family's young child.

Her secret relationship with Manuel comes to light as soon as María Rodríguez arrives on the property, although she does everything she can to get the newcomer out of the picture.

Maestre is also seen in roles in Arriva, Entre tierras, and Estudio 1.

Inma Pérez-Quiros - Sagrario

Inma Pérez-Quiros as Sagrario in Between Worlds
Inma Pérez-Quiros

Inma Pérez-Quiros portrays Sagrario, María's sickly mother who also works through serious depression years after her husband passed away.

On top of that, she lives with a painful hernia and cannot do much around her house, leaving María as the one in charge of day-to-day life.

Other credits for Pérez-Quiros include El niño, Padre Medina, and The Ministry of Time

Mateo Medina - Guillermo

Mateo Medina as Guillermo in Between Worlds
Mateo Medina

Mateo Medina plays an important supporting role as Guillermo, María's intelligent and introverted younger brother.

Expressing a desire to put in the work to help his family, María refuses to let him take on that responsibility, although he constantly worries about her well-being.

Medina can also be seen in Entre tierras, Després de tu, and HollyBlood.

Magdalena Tejado - Luisa

Magdalena Tejado as Luisa in Between Worlds
Magdalena Tejado

Another sibling of María's comes in the form of her younger sister Luisa (played by Magdalena Tejado).

Luisa regularly shows herself to be a daydreamer with ambitions to become an actress and make a better life for herself, especially seeing what her older sister has to go through.

While she hates the idea of being forced or obligated to marry somebody, she offers her gratitude to her sister for making that sacrifice to get her family into a better life.

Other credits on Tejado's resume include Entre tierras, Stramonium, and Mambo.

Inma Cuevas - Pepita Trocal

Inma Cuevas as Pepita Trocal in Between Worlds
Inma Cuevas

María finds a confidant in Inma Cuevas' character from Between Worlds, Pepita Trocal.

Her husband, Sancho, runs a tavern as they work together to raise their four children, sharing the same roots as María in Andalusia.

Known for her love of soap operas and a strong demeanor, she quickly becomes friends with María and offers her a shoulder to cry on as she learns the dark secrets of her new family.

Fans can also see Curvas' performances in While at War, Vis a vis, Toc Toc.

Clara Garrido - Claudia Barea

Clara Garrido as Claudia Barea in Between Worlds
Clara Garrido

Claudia Barea embodies a character named Clara Garrido, the orphaned daughter of an unwed mother who works as a day laborer.

Rebellious and impulsive, she has a deep-seated hatred for the Cervantes family and is regularly fighting with Ramón as she does her job.

While she starts at odds with María due to her marriage to her employer, she eventually warms up to María as María also reciprocates and earns her respect.

Garrido boasts other appearances in Acacias 38, Matadero, and The Zone.

Llorenç Gonzalez - Gabriel Exposito

Llorenç Gonzalez as Gabriel Exposito in Between Worlds
Llorenç Gonzalez

Claudia also comes into the series with a boyfriend, Gabriel Exposito, portrayed by Llorenç Gonzalez.

Working at a factory near the village, Gabriel is also quite active against the regime in the area, showing expertise with explosives and dynamite as well.

On top of that, he was raised by his grandfather in poverty, giving him a sense of humility after seeing the horrible circumstances his family lived through over the years. 

Fans can see Gonzalez's work in Gran Hotel, Velvet, and L’altra frontera.

All 10 episodes of Between Lands are now streaming on Netflix.

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