Full Cast of Holiday in the Vineyards Netflix Movie - Every Main Actor & Character Who Appears (Photos)

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Holiday in the Vineyards cast

Wine and romance take center stage in Holiday in the Vineyards, a movie anchored by a charming cast.

Netflix's newest Christmas movie chronicles an unusual love story between a rich businessman trying to purchase a local California vineyard and a real estate broker who is passionate enough to protect it from big businesses. 

Holiday in the Vineyards premiered on Netflix on December 13.

Every Main Actor & Character in Holiday in the Vineyards 

Josh Swickard - Carter Baldwyn

Josh Swickard as Carter Baldwyn
Josh Swickard

Carter Baldwyn is a playboy rich guy and businessman who seems irresponsible in handling his duties as both a son and a heir to a renowned wine company. The character is portrayed on-screen by Josh Swickard. 

When his mother, Margo, loses his patience with his immature ways, she orders him to go to Los Santos to try and purchase a 50-acre vineyard for their wine company. 

Little did he know, his trip to Los Santos could be his path to finding true love. 

Swickard's most prominent role is playing Harrison Chase for over 500 episodes of ABC's General Hospital. The actor also has credits in A California Christmas, Roped, and Liv and Maddie.

Sol Rodriguez - Valentina Espinosa

Sol Rodriguez as Valentina Espinosa
Sol Rodriguez

Sol Rodriguez brings Valentina Espinosa to life in Holiday in the Vineyards.

Valentina is a single mother and a real estate broker in Los Santos whom Carter meets after going "incognito" as a carpenter for his mother's wine company. 

Valentina tells Carter that the people in the local village are saving enough money to preserve the legacy of the Huckabee Vineyards, making the latter feel guilty about trying to purchase it. 

Star Trek fans may recognize Rodriguez for her role as Dr. Teresa Ramirez in Star Trek: Picard. The actress' other notable roles include Devious Maids, Party of Five, and Grachi.

Eileen Davidson - Margo Baldwyn

Eileen Davidson as Margo Baldwyn
Eileen Davidson

Eileen Davidson's Margo Baldwyn is Carter's strict and intimidating mother who sends her son to Los Santos for an important business trip despite the holidays. 

Margo wants her son to take over the wine company, Baldywn Wines, someday, but she needs him to prove himself by successfully purchasing the vineyard in Los Santos. 

Davidson is a veteran actress on the small screen best known for her roles as Ashley Abbott in The Young and The Restless and Kristen Blake in Days of Our Lives.

Omar Gooding - Moe Walker

Omar Gooding as Moe Walker
Omar Gooding

Moe Walker is an aspiring winemaker and an owner of a hardware store in Los Santos. The character is played by Omar Gooding. 

In the movie, Moe tells Carter that he thinks that he may have exaggerated his skill in carpentry to impress Valentina. 

Luckily, Moe helps him in fixing Valentina's penthouse. In return, Carter assists him in creating the perfect wine for Los Santos.

Gooding is known for his roles in Baby Boy, Barbershop, and Hangin' with Mr. Coooper.

Carlos Solórzano - Santiago Espinosa

Carlos Solórzano as Santiago Espinosa
Carlos Solórzano

Santiago Espinosa is Valentina's youngest son, and he is played by Carlos Solórzano. 

In the film, Santiago is still longing for the death of his father. He is anti-social which is why Valentina tries her hardest to cheer him up all the time. 

Eventually, he builds a new and stronger bond with Carter. 

Solórzano has credits in The Black Demon, Flamin' Hot, and Yoga Friends.

Julian Rangel - Fernando Espinosa

Julian Rangel as Fernando Espinosa
Julian Rangel

Portraying Valentina's eldest son is Julian Rangel as Fernando Espinosa. 

Similar to Santiago, Fernando also develops a strong camaraderie with Carter throughout the latter's stay in Los Santos. 

Aside from his role in Holiday in the Vineyard, Rangel also appeared in one episode of The Good Doctor as Lucho.

Carly Jibson - Cindy

Carly Jibson as Cindy
Carly Jibson

Carly Jibson's Cindy is Valentina's best friend who takes care of her sons when she's busy at work. 

When Valentina is having second thoughts about pursuing a relationship with Carter, Cindy is the one who urges her to take the risk and find the love that she deserves. 

Jibson is best known for her role as Vivian in The Guest Book. The actress also appeared in Atypical and Best Foot Forward.

Annika Noelle - Emma Paxson

Annika Noelle as Emma Paxson
Annika Noelle

Emma Paxson (played by Annika Noelle) is Carter's ex-girlfriend. The pair had an ugly break-up after Carter decided to end their relationship with a "cowardly text message."

At the beginning of Holiday in the Vineyard, Emma makes her hard feelings known to Carter after embarrassing him in front of his mother. 

Annika Noelle is known for her roles in Jersey Boys, Evan's Crime, and The Bold and the Beautiful.

Manuel Rafael Lozano - Larry

Manuel Rafael Lozano as Larry
Manuel Rafael Lozano

Manuel Rafael Lozano plays Larry, one of Valentina's friends who is also romantically interested in her. Aside from that, Larry is also a real estate broker. 

Lozano has credits in Criminal Minds, Teen Wolf: The Movie, and 9-1-1

Alan Toy - Joe

Alan Toy as Joe
Alan Toy

Alan Toy joins the cast of Holiday in the Vineyard as Joe. 

Joe is a resident and local winemaker of Los Santos who attends the holiday wine fair. 

Toy previously appeared in In The Line of Fire, The Aviator, and The Night Before.

Lowell Dean - Santa/Jonathan

Lowell Dean as Santa/Jonathan
Lowell Dean

Lowell Dean is Jonathan, aka Santa, in the movie. 

Jonathan works with Carter and Moe to try to set things right after Baldwyn Wines submitted the bid to buy the Huckabee Vineyards.

Dean has credits in Shameless, Criminal Minds, and Running Wild.

Isaac Jay - Joseph

Isaac Jay as Joseph
Isaac Jay

Isaac Jay plays Joseph, the waiter at the beginning of the movie who mistakenly serves Mrs. Baldwyn and Carter the wrong wine. 

Jay recently starred alongside Brie Larson in Apple TV+'s Lessons in Chemistry as Harry. 

Holiday in the Vineyards is now streaming on Netflix.

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