Full Cast of Testament: The Story of Moses Netflix - Main Actors & Characters In Series (Photos)

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Testament Moses Netflix

Testament: The Story of Moses is Netflix's latest docuseries which highlights religious figure Moses and features an extensive cast of actors and Biblical characters.

Directed by Benjamin Ross, Testament: The Story of Moses is a departure from The Ten Commandments or other Biblical epics in that it focuses more on his inner struggles than his calling or his God. It also explores his presence within the Bible, Quaran, and Torah. 

Netflix's academic approach to the life of Moses consists of three episodes and is presented through academic commentary, narration, and a cast of historical characters.

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Every Main Actor & Character in Testament: The Story of Moses

Here is the main cast of Testament: The Story of Moses, with more details below on each actor and their respective character:

Avi Azulay - Moses

Avi Azulay as Moses in Testament: The Story of Moses
Avi Azulay

Avi Azulay plays the docuseries titular character, Moses, who was set adrift in a basket by his mother to save his life, raised by Pharaoh's daughter, and ultimately called by God to lead his people, the Israelites, out of slavery and into the land given to their ancestors. He also wrote the Torah, the first five books of the Bible. 

Azulay is known for Le'ehov Otkha Ani Lo Hayevet, Manayek, and Love Birds.

Mehmet Kurtuluş - Pharaoh

Mehmet Kurtuluş as Pharaoh in Testament: The Story of Moses
Mehmet Kurtuluş

In Testament: The Story of Moses, actor Mehmet Kurtuluş plays the antagonistic Egyptian Pharaoh and the one standing in the way of Moses leading the Hebrew slaves to freedom. 

Kurtuluş appeared in Big Game, In July, and Tatort.

Dominique Tipper - Zipporah

Dominique Tipper as Zipporah in Testament: The Story of Moses
Dominique Tipper

After Moses kills an Egyptian for striking an Israelite, he flees to Midian where he meets and marries Zipporah, one of the daughters of the priest and prince of Midian, Jethro.

Dominique Tipper recently appeared in Monarch: Legacy of Monsters and is known for The Expanse and The After.  

Ishai Golan - Aaron

Ishai Golan as Aaron in Testament: The Story of Moses
Ishai Golan

Ishai Golan plays Moses' older brother, Aaron. Despite being a slave, Aaron served as Moses' spokesman and eventually became the first high priest of Israel. 

Golan can be seen in White Bird, Mindbender, and Ha-E.

Reymonde Amsellem Nidam - Miriam

Reymonde Amsellem Nidam
Reymonde Amsellem Nidam

Actress Reymonde Amsellem Nidam plays the older sister of Moses and Aaron, who is believed to have watched over Moses when he was hidden on the Nile. 

Nidam starred in Seven Blessings, Rendition, and My Lovely Sister.

Tülay Günal Göncü - Bithiah

Tülay Günal Göncü as Bithiah in Testament: The Story of Moses
Tülay Günal Göncü

Bithiah is the daughter of Pharaoh and the one who rescued Moses from the Nile. Göncü's prior credits range from Rüzgarda Salinan Nilüfer to Boundless Love to Pretty Little Liars.

Melis Ulaş - Jochabed

Melis Ulaş as Jochabed in Testament: The Story of Moses
Melis Ulaş

In the Book of Exodus, Jochabed is the mother of Moses, Miriam, and Aaron who defied Pharaoh's order and saved Moses by hiding him in a basket on the Nile. 

Ulaş is previously known for When the Shift Ends and Anlatirsam Asik Olurum.

Oberon K.A. Adjepong - Jethro

Oberon K.A Adjepong as Jethro in Testament: The Story of Moses
Oberon K.A. Adjepong

The priest of Midian, the father of Zipporah, and eventually Moses' father-in-law is Jethro, a leader who later helps Moses after bringing the Israelites out of Egypt. 

Oberon K.A. Adjepong is an actor and voice actor best known for Grand Theft Auto V and The Many Saints of Newark.

Charles Dance - Narrator

Charles Dance in Godzilla: King of the Monsters
Charles Dance

Award-winning actor Charles Dance, whose previous credits include Game of Thrones, Gosford Park, and The Imitation Game, provides the narration for Testament: The Story of Moses

Clarke Peters - Voice of God

Clarke Peters in The Mandela Effect
Clarke Peters

Actor Clarke Peters was tasked with providing the voice of God for the Netflix docuseries. 

Peters can be seen in Da 5 Bloods, John Wick, and The Wire.

Testament: The Story of Moses is streaming now on Netflix.

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