Philip Pilmar Now: Where Is Howard's Son Today? Homicide New York Criminal Breakdown

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Philip Pilmar Netflix Homicide: New York

Appearing as one of the centerpieces of Homicide: New York's Season 1, fans are wondering what Philip Pilmar is up to now. 

Coming from the min of Law & Order creator Dick Wolfe, Homicide is Netflix's latest crime docuseries, recounting the events of several New York-based criminal cases. 

One of the series' first five episodes follows the plight of the Pilmar family, a long-contested murder case involving the death of a prolific New York entrepreneur. 

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The Story Behind Philip Pilmar

Philip Pilmar in court

Philip Pilmar and his family came into the spotlight in 1996 (and again thanks to Netflix's Homicide: New York) following the death of his father Howard Pilmar. 

Howard was a well-known New York businessman, working as the owner of King Group and Philip’s Coffee. His March 1996 murder shocked plenty of people, with no clear culprit immediately being found. 

At the scene of the crime (Howard's office), there was no sign of forced entry, no weapon, and nothing missing from the office or Hoaward's wallet.

The only sign of evidence was a single drop of blood from Philip Pilmar's uncle Evan Wald who, along with Philip's mother Roslyn, had traveled to the office for a meeting the night of the murder.

Pilmar lived with his father Howard and Mother Roslyn, growing up quite wealthy in the concrete jungle of the Upper East Side of New York City. 

He was just 10 years old when his father was tragically murdered, devastating the young boy and leading him to pursue a career in law. 

After losing his father, Pilmar grew up in the care of his mother Rosyln, eventually furthering his education by going to school at the London School of Economics. 

As explored in the Netflix docuseries, it would take more than 20 years before an arrest would be made connected to his father's killing. 

In 2019, Pilmar's mother Roslyn and uncle Evan Wald were convicted of murder in the case of his father's death.

This shook Pilmar, learning that the person who had loved and cared for him - especially so since his father's death - was (at least in the eye of the court) responsible for such a heinous act. 

Roslyn and Evan Wald were eventually charged and are now serving a 25-year jail sentence for their crimes. 

Where Is Philip Pilmar Now?

Philip Pilmar is now a practicing lawyer working and living in New York state. 

He continues to adamantly believe his mother was innocent of her crimes and had nothing do to with his father's death.  

The New York lawyer has even gone as far as to defend his mother in court since her conviction; however, his efforts have not been fruitful. 

Pilmar no longer has contact with anyone on his father's side of the family, even cutting things off with his grandfather Frank Pilmar. 

Following Roslyn's conviction, Frank reached out to his grandson, to which the young man replied, "Having my mom die in jail will not bring back my dad" (as transcribed by The Cinemaholic):

"Having my mom die in jail will not bring back my dad. She raised me to be kind, to be loving, to value education, value hard work. She was there for me every step of the way when I struggled with the death of my dad."

Pilmar works as an assistant US attorney. In January 2024, he earned the General’s Award for Distinguished Service from Attorney General Merrick Garland at the 70th and 71st Attorney General’s Awards Ceremony.

He is married to Larissa D. Gabelman who is a working doctor in the New York area as well. 

Homicide: New York is now streaming on Netflix.

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