Full Cast of Berlin Netflix Series - Every Main Actor & Character In 2023 Money Heist Spin-off (Photos)

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Berlin Netflix series main characters

Money Heist's Pedro Alonso returns to unpack a previously unseen chapter of Berlin's life in Netflix's Money Heist: Berlin.

The 2023 prequel highlights the adventures of Berlin (aka Andrés de Fonollos) long before the infamous involvement in the Royal Mint heist in Money Heist Seasons 1 and 2. Joining him is a cast of newcomers and familiar faces from the thrilling Spanish series. 

Money Heist: Berlin made its debut on Netflix on December 29.

Every Main Actor & Character in Money Heist: Berlanti 

Pedro Alonso - Andrés de Fonollosa/Berlin

Pedro Alonso as Berlin
Pedro Alonso

Pedro Alonso returns to the world of Money Heist as the charming yet dangerous Berlin/Andrés de Fonollosa. 

In Money Heist Seasons 1 and 2, Berlin is The Professor's brother, serving as the point person who oversees the Royal Mint heist inside the building. At the end of the heist, Berlin sacrifices himself to allow the team to escape while also revealing that he has a terminal illness.

Money Heist: Berlin chronicles his life before his eventual sacrifice, highlighting him and his team of expert thieves as they try to steal 44 million euros worth of jewels inside a complex vault.

Alonso is known for his previous appearances in The Ministry of Time, Padre Casares, and Diabo Guardian.

Michelle Jenner - Keila

 Michelle Jennera as Keila
Michelle Jenner

Keila (played by Michelle Jenner) is part of Berlin's gang and the crew's expert hacker. She graduated cum laude with a degree in electronic engineering.

While admitting that she is an introvert, Keila reveals that she harbors secret feelings toward another member of Berlin's crew, Bruce.

Jenner is best known for her portrayal of Isabel de Castilla in Isabel. The actress also has credits in Julieta, Gun City, and Don't Be Afraid.

Tristán Ulloa - Damián

Tristán Ulloa as Damian
Tristán Ulloa

Tristán Ulloa plays Damián, Berlin's partner and the mastermind behind the jewel heist. He is a university professor by day and a criminal leader at night.

In one of the character reels released by Netflix, Ulloa described Damian as a genius who is "a scatterbrain.”

Damián and Berlin often clash with one another over strategies and the former's troubled marriage. Still, they have mutual respect for one another.

Ulloa previously appeared in Warrior Nun, Sex and Lucia, and Open Your Eyes.

Begoña Vargas - Cameron

Begoña Vargas as Cameron
Begoña Vargas

Cameron is a last-minute recruit to Berlin's team. The character is played by Begoña Vargas. 

In Money Heist: Berlin, Cameron is an expert biker and she is known for nabbing vehicles for an easy escape.

Vargas' previous notable credits include The Laws of the Border, Welcome to Eden, and Centaur.

Julio Peña Fernández - Roi

Julio Peña Fernández as Roi
Julio Peña Fernández

Julio Peña Fernández's Roi is the crew's go-to guy for lock-picking and Berlin's old friend. The character is also loyal and responsible. 

Considering Roi and Berlin have been together for a while, the former considers the latter his great mentor. 

Fernández has an impressive list of acting credits, which includes roles in Through My Window, Acacias 38, and Bia.

Joel Sanchez - Bruce

Joel Sanchez as Bruce
Joel Sanchez

Joel Sanchez is part of the cast of the 2023 prequel series as Bruce.

Bruce serves as the muscle of Berlin's crew who is secretly attracted to Keila. During the jewel heist, Bruce teams up with Keila while also doing most of the heavy lifting for the gang.

Money Heist: Berlin marks Joel Sanchez's acting debut.

Maria Isabel Rodriguez - Susie

Maria Isabel Rodriguez as Susie
Maria Isabel Rodriguez

Maria Isabel Rodriguez brings Susie to life in the Money Heist prequel.

Susie is Camille's friend who warns her to be suspicious of Berlin's mischievous actions as well as her husband's secret life.

Rodriguez is known for her vlogging videos on YouTube. Money Heist: Berlin marks her first notable credit.

Itziar Ituño - Raquel Murillo/Lisbon

Itziar Ituño as Raquel Murillo
Itziar Ituño

Another Money Heist returnee is Itziar Ituño as Raquel Murillo, (aka Lisbon), from the Netflix series.

The prequel series shows Murillo's life long before becoming Lisbon. In the show, Murillo is introduced as the deputy inspector of the Criminal Investigations Unit in Spain.

Ituño is known for her roles in Flowers and Intimacy.

Najwa Nimri - Alicia Sierra Montes

Najwa Nimri as Alicia Sierra
Najwa Nimri

Joining Pedro Alonso and Itziar Ituño in the mini Money Heist reunion in the prequel series is Najwa Nimri's Alicia Sierra Montes.

In Money Heist, Alicia Sierra is the fierce rival of the heist gang, often butting heads with The Professor. She is ruthless, manipulative, and not shy to use dangerous means to get the information that she wants.

Alicia appears in the last episode of Berlin, with her being assigned to investigate the missing jewels in Spain. She works together with Raquel Murillo.

Najwa Nimri's past notable credits include Open Your Eyes, Sex and Lucia, and Lovers of the Arctic Circle.

Miko Jarry - Olivier

Miko Jarry as Olivier
Miko Jarry

Miko Jarry plays Olivier, the guard of the local car rental shop where Bruce and Keila break in to delete the former's passport details to remove their ties to the heist.

Jarry is known for his roles in The Ministry of Time, The Devil's Clock, and Patria.

Martín Aslan - Alain

Martín Aslan as Alain
Martín Aslan

Alain is the main guard of the prestigious vault that holds the royals' jewels that is worth millions. The character is played by Martin Aslan. 

In Episode 4, Alain helps Monsieur Polignac to check if there is a breach in both the vault and the antechamber.

Aslan previously appeared in Bandolera, Caronte, and Santo.

Samantha Siqueiros - Camile

Samantha Siqueiros as Camille
Samantha Siqueiros

Camille (played by Samantha Siqueiros) is Berlin's romantic interest and the wife of the underground auction house supervisor and the team's target, Monsieur Polignac. 

After observing her like a creepy stalker from planted cameras, Berlin introduces himself as Simon to Camille, eventually building a strong connection with one another.

Berlin's feelings toward eventually Camille unexpectedly put the heist in jeopardy, making for some mayhem in the streaming crime thriller. 

Siqueiros has credits in Vikki RPM, Along Came Love, and Lady of Steel.

Rachel Lascar - Inspector Lavelle

Rachel Lascar as Comisaria
Rachel Lascar 

Rachel Lascar joins the cast of Money Heist: Berlin as Inspector Lavelle.

Inspector Lavelle is part of the French chief of police who told Camille that she has a search warrant for her husband. She also interrogated Monsieur Polignac about the alleged robbery of the jewels. 

Lascar is known for her roles in Mrs. Davis, The Gunman, and The Ministry of Time.

Money Heist: Berlin is now streaming on Netflix.

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