Full Cast of The Asunta Case on Netflix - Every Main Character & Actor Who Appears (Photos)

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The Asunta Case Netflix couple

Candela Peña (Hierro) and Tristán Ulloa (Berlin) lead the cast of Netflix's gripping mini-series, The Asunta Case

The Asunta Case (aka El Caso Asunta) chronicles one of the shocking true crimes that transpired in Spain, tackling a set of parents who murdered an adopted 12-year-old girl.

The Asunta Case premiered on Netflix on April 26. 

Every Main Cast Member of Netflix's The Asunta Case

Tristán Ulloa - Alfonso Basterra 

Tristán Ulloa as Alfonso Basterra in The Asunta Case
Tristán Ulloa

Tristán Ulloa brings Alfonso Basterra to life in The Asunta Case

Alfonso is Rosario's ex-husband and Asunta's adoptive father. When Asunta goes "missing," Alfonso is furious and showcases his strong desire to find her. 

As a husband, he is manipulative and possessive toward Rosario. Alfonso strongly believes that he has nothing to do with Asunta's disappearance, but the pieces of evidence that pile up show otherwise.

Ulloa recently appeared in the Money Heist spin-off, Berlin, as Damian Vasquez. The actor also has credits in The Snow Girl, Warrior Nun, and Snatch.

Candela Peña - Rosario Porto

Candela Peña as Rosario Porto in The Asunta Case
Candela Peña

Candela Peña plays Rosario Porto, Asunta's adoptive mother and Alfonso's ex-wife. 

While Rosario is the first person who notices that Asunta is missing, things take a turn in later episodes as the police uncover inconsistencies in her statements. 

Despite being a lawyer, Rosario's dependence on her toxic ex-husband proves to be her downfall.

Peña is known for her roles in Princesas, Hierro, Black Beach, and Enterrados.

Javier Gutierrez - Judge Malvar 

Javier Gutierrez as Judge Malvar in The Asunta Case
Javier Gutierrez

Javier Gutierrez joins the cast as Judge Malvar, the leading member of the investigation team behind Asunta's disappearance. 

Malvar is instrumental in convincing the two other detectives that Asunta's parents might have something to do with her disappearance, with signs indicating that they are the girl's killers. 

During the investigation, Judge Malvar points out Alfonso's violent tendencies and Rosario's submission toward her ex-husband's dominant nature. These two aspects contribute to the idea that something is off with the girl's parents. 

Elsewhere in The Asunta Case, Malvar's struggles in taking care of his father are also included in the mini-series. 

Gutierrez previously appeared in Honeymoon, Lobo Feroz, Campeones, and El Autor

Carlos Blanco - Agent Rios

Carlos Blanco as Agent Rios in The Asunta Case
Carlos Blanco

Carlos Blanco's Agent Rios is one of the detectives spearheading the investigation behind Asunta's disappearance in The Asunta Case

Agent Rios has plenty of experience solving heinous crimes and high-profile cases and he takes the lead in helping his partner, Agent Cristina, and Judge Malvar in finding out the truth. 

Rios' personal life also takes the spotlight in the Netflix mini-series, which shows him to be a loving grandparent outside of his tenacious personality as a detective.

Blanco's most recognizable role is playing Ramon in 12 episodes of La Unidad. The actor also appeared in Money Heist, Hospital Real, and Volver.

Maria Leon - Agent Cristina 

Maria Leon as Agent Cristina in The Asunta Case
Maria Leon

Agent Cristina (played by Maria Leon) is Agent Rios' partner in the police force and a newcomer to the world of solving crimes. 

In The Asunta Case, Agent Cristina is also a firm believer that the adoptive parents killed Asunta, agreeing to the intuition of Judge Malvar during their initial investigation.

Outside of the police force, Cristina is planning to start a family with her husband by undergoing IVF, but she is unsure about the results of their chosen method. 

León has over 40 credits to her name, with roles in Mentiras Pasajeras, El Hijo Zurdo, and Noche de Chicas.

Francesc Orella - Juan Jose Dominguez 

Francesc Orella as Juan Jose Dominguez in The Asunta Case
Francesc Orella

Francesc Orella stars as Juan Jose Dominguez, the defense lawyer who represents Rosario in court. 

All Juan wants is a fair trial for Rosario even if the odds are stacked against her. He also assists in making sure Rosario tells a straight version of her story in court. 

Juan's main plan is to pin the blame on the authorities for not finding other suspects and instead accuse the parents as the main culprits in killing Asunta.

Orella can be seen in Dias Mejores, Santa Evita, and Chasing Wonders

Alicia Borrachero - Elene Garrida 

Alicia Borrachero as Elene Garrida in The Asunta Case
Alicia Borrachero

Elene Garrida is Alfonso's defense attorney in The Asunta Case. The character is played on-screen by Alicia Borrachero.

Unlike Juan, Elene is unsure if her client is innocent of Asunta's murder, considering the insurmountable evidence against the adoptive parents. 

However, Juan later convinces Elene to be on the same page for the sake of their rich clients.

Borrachero's iconic roles include playing Ana Ruiz in over 100 episodes of Periodistas, Dra. Cruz Gandara in Hospital Central, and Alicia in Terminator: Dark Fate

Iris Wu - Asunta Fong Yang Basterra Porto 

Iris Wu as Asunta in The Asunta Case
Iris Wu

At the center of the murder case is 12-year-old Asunta Fong Yang Basterra Porto (played by Iris Wu).  

Asunta was reported missing at first, but it was later revealed that she was murdered by her adoptive parents. Asunta's body was found on a sidewalk. 

The Asunta Case is Wu's first major acting credit.

Raúl Arévalo - Rodrigo Maneiro

Raúl Arévalo as Rodrigo Maneiro
Raúl Arévalo

Raúl Arévalo joins The Asunta Case's cast as Rodrigo Maneiro. 

Rodrigo is Alfonso and Rosario's first lawyer who had to quit after the evidence strongly points against his clients. He also believes that the couple could be imprisoned for life due to their actions. 

Arévalo is best known for his role as Jorge Ruiz in Con el Culo al Aire. The actor also starred in Santo, More the Merrier, and Antidisturbios.

Felice - Carlos Murillo 

Felice as Carlos Murillo in The Asunta Case

Felice appears as Carlos Murillo, a potential suspect who is later deemed innocent after his alibis suggest that he is not present at Santiago during the day of Asunta's death. 

Carlos becomes involved in the investigation after traces of his semen are discovered at Asunta's dead body. 

Felice's notable credits include appearances in The Queen's Gambit, Silent Witness, and Centro Medico.

All episodes of The Asunta Case are now streaming on Netflix.

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