The Batman Star Compares Spider-Man: No Way Home to DC's New Movie

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Spider-Man: No Way Home may have held down the popular conversation last year and going into this one, but it's almost time for someone else to take the lead: The Batman. The Matt Reeves-directed movie sees Robert Pattinson take on the role of the Caped Crusader, as Gotham City starts to become terrorized by Paul Dano's The Riddler.

The nearly three-hour-long film will be the first solo project for the Dark Knight since Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight Rises. While Ben Affleck went on to become Bruce Wayne in the time between those two projects, he never got his own project, only sharing the spotlight in movies such as Batman v Superman and Justice League.

With as big as The Batman will be, it's hard not to wonder how those involved are keeping their eyes on the competition and the projects taking up the same conversation space.

It seems that Colin Farrell is doing just that, as he happily revealed in an interview how he'd seen Tom Holland's recent MCU outing.

The Penguin Watched The Spider

Batman, Spider-Man
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In an interview with FandangoThe Batman star Colin Farrell revealed that he did see the biggest movie of last year: Spider-Man: No Way Home.

The star talked about how "[he] got so excited seeing Spider-Man," and that feeling of joy led him to tell The Batman's director Matt Reeves how he will be bringing a similar experience to "millions of people's lives" with his own superhero movie based on another massively popular comic book character:

“I got so excited seeing Spider-Man…You know, very different films and all that, whatever, but really excited. I got caught up in the global energy, it was my awareness that people all around the world were going with their kids or their friends and their lovers or whatever and really having this experience. I have no expectations for how many people are going to like this, love it, not like it, have a gripe with it, or any of that but I do believe, and I was saying it to Matt [Reeves]…that ‘I hope you can grasp that you’re going to move and bring a lot of entertainment and joy into so many like millions of people’s lives.’ Even if it does badly, he’s going to do that in millions of people’s lives.”

The Batman Spreads Joy, Just Like No Way Home

The Batman is, without a doubt, the most anticipated DC Comics project of 2022. As much as Dwayne Johnson may try, the Caped Crusader will likely always have an upper hand when it comes to gaining that excitement.

If the trailers are anything to go by, the film will be quite the ride, and is also set to give us a true exploration of the relationship between Batman and Catwoman—something some fans felt The Dark Knight Rises failed to do.

Will it make as much money as No Way Home? Probably not. After all, there don't seem to be multiple generations of Batmen showing up in this adventure.

However, that could be an entirely different story when it comes to The Flash. It still probably won't make as much money as the latest Spidey flick, but the merging of multiple generations of superheroes, with Michael Keaton's return under the cowl, could make for some interesting discourse.

The Batman hit theaters on March 4 and The Flash arrives on November 4.

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