Avatar 3: James Cameron Reveals Terrifying New Creature Debuting In Sequels (Photo)

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Avatar 3 director James Cameron provided new insight into his upcoming sequels via a look at a scary new creature debuting in the next movie.

Cameron has not been shy in talking about details for his upcoming Avatar sequels, even with the last one not being set to release until the year 2031.

Ahead of Avatar 3's December 2025 release, fans already know various specific details about the third trip to Pandora, including early looks at the film's main characters and teases for new expansions.

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James Cameron Teases New Avatar 3 Creature

Speaking with the Konbini YouTube channel, Avatar 3 director James Cameron shared new information on a creature that will be in upcoming Avatar films.

Visiting an exhibition titled "The Art of James Cameron" in Paris, France, Cameron showed off a piece of concept art detailing a being that will debut in Avatar 3 and continue into Avatar 4:

"This guy... some of these ideas will actually emerge in 'Avatar 3' and 'Avatar 4,' right? So a little bit of a not a spoiler, maybe a teaser, right?

Cameron called the creature a Medusa, which was actually included in a very early draft of Avatar from 1995 titled "Project 880." 

Ultimately, the character was cut from that draft of the movie before it originally debuted in 2009.

Medusa from Avatar 3

The original story had Jake Sully (originally named Josh) being snatched up by a Medusa, which was described as a huge flying jellyfish, and taken off the floating mountain where his team was working.

He ends up killing the Medusa as his team's chopper crashes, with Josh falling into a tree made of snakeheads. There, he meets the animals and creatures that wind up being featured in the final cut of Avatar.

Additionally, while Josh helps kill the Medusa, it also gets attacked by banshee rays drawn to it by blood as Josh hacks and chops at its tentacles.

This will not be the first new species introduced in Avatar 3, as James Cameron previously teased other new wildlife arriving for the first time in a social media post from October 2023.

What Will Happen in Avatar 3?

Even with Avatar 3 still more than 18 months away from release, James Cameron has provided plenty of material for viewers to discuss, including multiple new settings on Pandora that will be explored.

The story will also shift perspective as it will be told from the viewpoint of Jake Sully's son, Lo'ak, with future movies also using different voices to advance the plot.

On top of new creatures like the Medusa, Jake and his tribe will interact with a new group of Na'vi in the Ash People, who will bring a figurative and literal fire to the adventure. This follows the introduction of the water-based Metkayina Clan in 2022's Avatar: The Way of Water.

And with nearly two dozen characters already confirmed for roles, Cameron and crew will have no shortage of plot developments to add to both this film and its follow-up sequels.

The untitled Avatar 3 will debut in theaters on December 19, 2025.

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