Avatar 3: Disney Might've Accidentally Revealed a Key Scene

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Avatar: The Way of Water's digital release revealed upcoming scenes from Avatar 3, one of which spoils how a certain character will change.  

Unlike other franchise directors, James Cameron has been surprisingly generous with Avatar 3 information; and apparently, Disney's Way of Water bonus features followed suit. 

In addition to revealing concept art for the 2024 film, Avatar 2's digital release extras included a sneak peek of a key scene from the threequel and some rather interesting character development. 

Disney Bonus Features Spoiled Avatar 3 Scene 

One of Avatar: The Way of Water's bonus features, titled "Inside Pandora's Box - Building the World of Pandora," included a script excerpt from Avatar 3.

The first scene, shared via Reddit, describes an exchange between Jake and Quaritch concerning Jack Champion's Spider and refers to both men as the boy's "fathers."

The next references a new character named Va'ru before describing Neytiri reuniting with the family after seemingly having been injured.  

The character of Norm, played by Joel David Moore, who returned with Neytiri, is stunned to see Spider who's now breathing without a mask.

This is something Spider was unable to do on Pandora in Avatar 2 since he's human and not Na'vi.

According to the script, Spider responds to Norm's shock with a shrug, saying, "I'm good on the whole air thing."

The next scene takes place inside the High Camp Grotto where the Sullys reunite with the Omaticaya. Tuk is described as running to embrace Mo'at, her grandmother. 

This is followed by a scene involving Quaritch and Wainfleet at Bridgehead. Here they fly past a structure in the harbor described as an oil rig crossed with a nuclear reactor. 

The scene ends with a demonstration of what this structure can do, which includes a bright light and a shockwave. 

However, the script excerpt isn't the only spoiler revealed in The Way of Water's digital release. 

The bonus features also included actual behind-the-scenes footage of Spider hugging a Na'vi character. 

Avatar2 Bonus

It's possible that this scene is related to the Avatar 3 plot point of him being able breathe on his own since he's not wearing a mask but still appears to be in an exterior environment.

Avatar 2 Bonus

Is Avatar 3 Actually Spoiled? 

The fact that Avatar 2's special features revealed this much information about the upcoming third film is shocking. 

From this information alone, audiences now know something major and mysterious happens to allow Spider to breathe on Pandora, and it sounds like his relationship with both Jake and Quartich advances in the threequel as well. 

The final scene description from the script also reads like the conclusion of the film, confirming the Sully family's return to their original home while also setting up Avatar 4's potential conflict. 

While these details may concern and frustrate some fans, it's worth remembering that much of the Avatar franchise's appeal lies in how the film is executed and not necessarily in the plot itself. 

However, Neytiri's Zoe Saldana did just confirm that Avatar 3 has more to film.

Perhaps the script in the sequel bonus features is an old draft and not what will actually play out on screen?

Now that this information is out there, maybe James Cameron will have more to share in the coming months leading up to Avatar 3's debut. 

Avatar 3 arrives in theaters on December 20, 2024.

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