Avatar 3: Disney Releases First Official Concept Art

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Avatar 3 Concept Art

More than one year out from Avatar 3's release, Disney unveiled pieces of concept art from James Cameron's upcoming threequel. 

Cameron's Avatar: The Way of Water just hit digital storefronts around the world after becoming the biggest theatrical release of all time.

Moving forward with the Avatar franchise, the third film in Cameron's Pandoran epic is set to explore new environments including a "desert" and "polar" region.

The new parts of the fictitious planet will introduce a swath of new characters, as production designer Dylan Cole teased that Pandora is "just as diverse as Earth" with various biomes, creatures, and peoples.  

Disney Shows Off Avatar 3 Art

Released as a part of Avatar: The Way of Water's special features, audiences got their first look at Avatar 3 by way of some concept art. 

Posted online by Twitter-user Discovering Pandora, the three pieces of concept art showcase new, never-before-seen environments for the Avatar franchise. 

Three new regions of Pandora are explored in the pieces. The first of which includes the long-teased volcanic biome that will seemingly be home to the film's "ash people.”

Avatar 3 Volcano

Another look featured a desert environment with similar floating rock structures to the Hallelujah Mountains seen in the first Avatar film. 

Avatar 2 Desert

And on the opposite end of the environmental spectrum, a polar landscape was teased with what looked to be two Na'vi atop a snow-capped mountain peak. 

Avatar 3 Polar

The Many Biomes of Avatar 3

While Avatar 2 dipped its toe into broadening the environmental horizons of Pandora, it seems as though Avatar 3 will be doing a full springboard dive right into the deep end. 

Much has been made about the various frontiers of Pandora that the threequel will explore, with a particular emphasis having been put on the volcanic region up to this point.

And it would make sense that much of the focus has been put on the volcano-riddled biome, seeing as the Na'vi who live there will be one of the "antagonistic" forces pushing Avatar 3's story along.  

But it is exciting to know that the upcoming threequel will not be centered on one singular ecosystem like the last two films have been. It seems to be much more varied, as James Cameron continues to tell his Pandoran odyssey amongst the Sully clan. 

And with these different regions comes different Na'vi to inhabit them, showing off the varied and diverse world that Cameron and his team dreamt up. 

Avatar 3 is set to hit theaters on December 20, 2024 with production currently ongoing.  

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