Avatar 3: Disney Just Teased TWO New Species for Next Movie

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Avatar poster, Netiyri and Jake Sully as Na'vi

Disney just teased a pair of brand-new animal species that will make their big-screen debut in James Cameron’s Avatar 3.

Following Avatar: The Way of Water’s record-breaking run financially at the international box office, Cameron is already hard at work on his plans for the third film in the franchise.

Fans have gotten teases for some emotional moments with the threequel’s main characters, and that comes with some major expansions to the wide world of Pandora as well.

Two New Species Arriving in Avatar 3

The official Avatar page on X (formerly Twitter) shared new images from Disney teasing two never-before-seen Pandora animal species that are now expected to appear in the upcoming Avatar 3.

In a picture showing off the Akula, the massive whale seen in Avatar: The Way of Water along with a number of other species, the description teases some of this creature’s prey:

“With bigger teeth than all other sea predators, the Akula’s most desirable prey is Charybdis calves. They also prey on ilu, tsurak, tulkun, skimwings, marine ikran, and marine leonopteryx.”

Avatar 3, Akula animal

Specifically, the Charybdis and the marine leonopteryx are animals that haven’t been seen in either of the first two Avatar films, hinting that these two species are being developed for Avatar 3.

Avatar 2, Akula picture

While some fans on Reddit have suggested that the creatures could be used for the upcoming Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora game, the common belief is that they’ll be used in Avatar 3. This is due to the fact that the biomes set to be used in the Frontiers of Pandora game aren’t sea-centric based on what’s known about the story so far.

These will be far from the only new characters seen in Avatar 3, with a whole new tribe of Na’vi people taking the spotlight as Pandora’s borders are expanded.

What New Details Will Be Revealed in Avatar 3?

Even though Avatar 3 won’t be released in theaters for a couple of years, fans already know a few major details about how James Cameron plans to expand his universe.

A new tribe of Na’vi tied to the fire element is set to be introduced as Jake Sully and his family continue to build their relationships with more of their people in other regions of the planet.

Additionally, Jake will take a step back in his third movie as his son, Lo’ak, takes over the reins as the main narrator for Avatar 3 with the story being told through his eyes.

And even with other characters from past movies set to be more prominently featured in Avatar 3 and its two sequels, the wildlife won’t take a backseat as Pandora continues evolving.

Avatar 3 is currently set to debut in theaters on December 19, 2025.

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