Avatar 3: James Cameron Spoils the New Narrator of Next Movie

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After earning incredible success with Avatar: The Way of Water, director James Cameron has a new leading voice set to take the reins in Avatar: The Seed Bearer.

Avatar: The Way of Water has continued to have a wildly successful run at the box office, putting James Cameron in his own category as the only director in history with three movies that have earned $1.5 billion or more at the global box office. But the story isn't even close to stopping, as Cameron already has plans for three more sequels over the next five years, with Avatar 3, officially titled The Seed Bearer, already set to arrive at the end of 2024.

Cameron has already laid out some of what's in store for his next trip to Pandora, teasing the arrival of the fire-based Ash People while laying out some of the new settings that fans may explore in the next chapter of the Avatar saga.

And while the next chapter will explore new characters and areas of Pandora just like The Way of Water did, Avatar 3 will also feature a major change in voice as well.

James Cameron Reveals New Narrator in Avatar 3

Lo'ak, Avatar Way of Water

In a recent interview, shared by Twitter user @eywasfavorite, Avatar director James Cameron revealed that Avatar: The Seed Bearer will switch away from having Sam Worthington's Jake Sully as the narrator.

Cameron was discussing Jake's son Lo'ak when he revealed that the young Na'vi will be the narrator for Avatar 3, telling the story through his eyes. He explained that he'll have "a different narrator for each of the subsequent films" after having Jake narrate the first two films himself:

“Lo‘ak really emerged as a character that people went with, so I might find ways to sort of… now, he’s already the [narrator]- oh, I’m giving away something here, but it's okay. Every one of the Avatars... I think it could be intriguing for people to think about what’s coming. Jake was our voiceover narrator for movie 1 and movie 2, and we have a different narrator for each of the subsequent films. We see it through the eyes of a different character, and movie 3 is through Lo’ak’s eyes.”

What to Expect In Avatar 3

James Cameron has focused the first two Avatar movies almost exclusively on Jake Sully as the leading character, although Avatar 2 gave him a family to look after alongside Zoe Saldaña's Neytiri. But now, he'll look to change things up by having the story told by Britain Dalton's Lo'ak as the young Na'vi grows into a more important figure with his clan.

While this won't take away from Jake or Neytiri's importance, Lo'ak should take on a much bigger role in Avatar 3, especially with the Omiticaya learning more about the other clans on their planet.

After having to endure the death of his brother, Neteyam, Lo'ak is now in a position to shoulder more responsibilities as he grows into a young adult with Jake and Neytiri still leading the Omiticaya people. After seeing the character sympathize and bond with the rogue Tulkun alongside the Reef People, this will be part of his progression towards being a true leader, especially with family being such an important theme of the last three movies.

The threequel could put Dalton in a position to be the leading character with Worthington and Saldaña falling back into more supporting roles, potentially making him a warrior leader with the Omiticaya as the tribe continues to evolve. And with Lo'ak taking that responsibility for Avatar 3, there could be room for other important characters like his other siblings or their close friends to take that spotlight in the following pair of sequels.

Avatar: The Way of Water is currently playing in theaters. Avatar: The Seed Bearer is currently slated to debut in theaters on December 20, 2024.

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