Avatar 3 Star Confirms Bigger Role for 1 Ignored Character

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After a minor role in Avatar: The Way of Water, franchise mainstay Joel David Moore has revealed that his character, Norm, will have a much bigger role in Avatar 3.

Moore's Norm appeared in the first Avatar film as a human anthropologist, avatar driver, and a loyal ally to Jake Sully and the Na'vi. During the Battle of the Tree of Souls, Norm stood side-by-side with the indigenous people before being injured which forced him to the sidelines. 

Upon the return of the Resources Development Administration (RDA) in Avatar 2, Norm moved with the other scientists to the Omatikaya Clan in the Hallelujah Mountains. 

Avatar Actor Teases Norm's Bigger Role in Threequel

Speaking with Louisville Public Media (LPM), Avatar actor Joel David Moore talked about Norm having a larger role in Avatar 3

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When LPM pointed out that she can't wait to see the next Avatar sequels to get more Norm, Moore responded with "absolutely," before confirming that his character is alive and well in Avatar 2

Moore teased that "there's a fun journey" ahead for Norm in Avatar 3 and beyond: 

“Absolutely. Look, the journey is about the Sully family and it’s going to be continue to be about the Sully family. You’re gonna have a lot of introductions to all different aspects of what could happen on Pandora and beyond. But I think that Norm is alive and well in 'Avatar: The Way of Water,' and there’s a fun journey ahead, and I can’t wait for people to come back to the theaters, and watch more of the 'Avatar' sequels. That’s about all I can say there.”

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Moore also revealed that the franchise's "family-oriented storylines" will continue to deliver in the upcoming installments: 

"This is just the beginning of all of the storylines and of course, my character has a fun little journey ahead. But the family-oriented storylines that continue to deliver, will deliver with these sequels, and there is so much more to come that is so exciting for the world of Pandora, and 'Avatar.'”

When asked about his experience in revisiting his character for Avatar 2, Norm admitted that it doesn't feel as such, considering that they knew that there were "sequels being discussed:"

“Well, it doesn’t feel like revisiting to us, because very early on, we knew that there were sequels being discussed. I mean, this is within the first year of the release of the original 'Avatar.' So we were getting information about what the sequels were gonna be."

The actor then reflected on the first conversations about Avatar sequels: 

"I think the first conversations we had [were] that it was going to be a sequel. That turned into two sequels very quickly, and then they essentially split those two sequels into two sequels, so you got four sequels that we’re moving forward, marching forward into the entertainment universe."

Moore also shared that work for the sequels "began almost immediately" for Avatar's creatives: 

"But, our work began almost immediately as far as… not particularly the actors’ work, but the work of progressing the story and the universe of 'Avatar' forward, starting with Jim [Cameron], and some writers, and, of course, Jon [Landau], and their small team, figuring out what this is all gonna look like. And as that iterated into a series of sequels."

What Is Norm’s Role in Avatar 3?

Joel David Moore's assurance that Norm will have a bigger role in Avatar 3 is a promising sign for the threequel, considering that the character was one of the highlights of the first film. 

In Avatar 2, Norm was seen helping Kiri after she suffered a seizure underwater. Given the close friendship between Norm and Grace Augustine in the first movie, it isn't surprising that the former still cares for Kiri. 

It's possible that Kiri would seek the help of Norm in finding answers about her connection to Eywa. In fact, a recently-revealed scene from Avatar 3 already confirmed that Kiri will do everything that she can to find out her true nature. 

Furthermore, Norm could have a more active role in the battle against the RDA  with Jake Sully and his family needing all the help they can get in the threequel. 

Avatar 3 arrives in theaters on December 20, 2024.

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