Avatar 3: Disney Reveals New Kiri Scene (Description)

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Avatar 3 Kiri Na'vi

An important scene from Avatar 3 centered around Kiri has been detailed far ahead of the sequel's planned release in 2024. 

Avatar 3 might be years away, but the anticipation surrounding the threequel has been high after Avatar: The Way of Water's success. 

Avatar director James Cameron has been at the forefront in revealing what to expect in the Na'vi's next chapter, with him teasing its villains and spoiling its new narrator

Disney Unveils Kiri's Significant Scene in Avatar 3

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A script excerpt from Avatar 3 was revealed in Avatar: The Way of Water's bonus features, titled "Inside Pandora's Box - Building the World of Pandora."

As shared by @AkumuHoshi, the scene features a conversation between Sigourney Weaver's Kiri and her grandmother Mo'at, the spiritual leader of the Omatikaya Clan and Neytiri's mother.

The scene starts with a confused Kiri as she attempts to connect with the Tree of Souls. After an unsuccessful attempt, Mo'at comforts her granddaughter:

Kiri: "You put me here for a reason. What am I supposed to do??"

Her fingers clutch spasmodically. 

Kiri: "Speak to me!"

Mo'at, while comforting Kiri, then tells her that she doesn't understand why Eywa (the Great Mother) "would save the boy" and deny her now:

Mo'at: "I do not understand this -- why the Great Mother would save the boy, then deny you now."

It is unknown which "boy" Mo'at is referring to, but it's possible that one of Jake and Neytiri's kids suffered another costly injury that led to Eywa saving him.

There is also a chance that Mo'at is referring to how Neteyam's consciousness is still stored in the Tree of Souls. 

Kiri tells Mo'at that Eywa never came to her in the forest, but she admits that she doesn't remember how she was able to connect deeply with the Great Mother.

Kiri: "Grandmother - Eywa never came to me in the forest."

Mo'at: "What do you mean?"

Kiri: "At a sacred tree... There... [a] place to connect... I... obey me. I don't remember."

Mo'at then tells Kiri that she knows in her heart how it all happened, leading to the young Na'vi revealing that she did it herself. 

The Omatikaya Clan leader ultimately tells her granddaughter to not tell anyone about their conversation, potentially hiding from everyone else about Kiri's connection to Eywa.

Will Avatar 3 Finally Explain Kiri's Importance in Pandora?

While Avatar: The Way of Water offered many clues to Kiri's importance in the grand scheme of things, this latest revelation suggests that Avatar 3 could be going all-out in finally explaining the teenage Na'vi's hidden connection to Eywa. 

Kiri's father has been the subject of many fan theories ever since Avatar 2 came out in theaters. Some have speculated that Eywa or the Great Mother is the one responsible for her conception, mainly due to the character's strong connection to Pandora's animal life and nature. 

The conversation between Kiri and Mo'at seems to hint that the former will approach the latter for answers, which isn't surprising due to her grandmother's vast knowledge of the Tree of Souls. 

Although an answer has yet to be spoiled for obvious reasons, Avatar 3 may end up revealing that Kiri's connection to Eywa could be the key to finally stopping the war between the Sky People (humans) and the Na'vi. 

However, given that some humans are too far gone from stopping the conflict alongside Jake's quest for revenge for the death of Neteyam, confirming Kiri as the "Pandoran Jesus" that would save everyone could make things more complicated. 

Avatar 3 arrives in theaters on December 20, 2024.

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