First Look at Avatar 3 Teases Emotional Jake Sully Scene (Photo)

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Avatar 3, Way of Water

Audiences got a special look at the upcoming Avatar 3, which showcased a shot teasing an emotional moment between Jake Sully and a mystery Na'vi.

After releasing its first entry over a decade ago in 2009, Avatar: The Way of Water went on to completely shatter the worldwide box office. Needless to say, the world never forgot about the world of Pandora.

Thankfully, while the third film just got delayed to December 19, 2025, the project's cast and crew are hard at work creating another beloved entry in the series.

The last time viewers were with the Sully family, tragedy struck, and one of their own died.

While Neteyam might be dead, it looks like the upcoming sequel won't be letting up on the emotional side of the family's story.

An Emotional Scene In Avatar 3

On Twitter, Avatar 3 and The Way of Water producer Jon Landau teased the progress of the franchise's next installment while also offering a glimpse at an emotional scene in the movie.

Alongside the photo, Landau teased that he "can't wait to bring audiences back to Pandora in December 2025."

"Each Avatar film is an exciting but epic undertaking that takes time to bring to the quality level we as filmmakers strive for and audiences have come to expect. The team is hard at work and can’t wait to bring audiences back to Pandora in December 2025."

Avatar 3

The image shows a handheld monitor with a shot from the film on it, which shows Jake Sully having an emotional moment with a mystery Na'vi.

Some fans are speculating that this mystery Na'vi next to Jake Sully is Sigourney, Kiri, as the two have similar hair.

Others pointed to the red markings on them, drawing the conclusion that this could be the first look at Oona Chaplin's Varang, a member of the fire tribe set to be introduced in the third installment. 

Additionally, it looks like Jack Champion's Spider is in the background of the shot, at least, going off those familiar dreads. Suspiciously, he doesn't seem to be wearing a helmet, a plot point Disney accidentally spoiled earlier this year.

Avatar 3

Another option is that the mystery Na'vi is Zoe Saldana's Neytiri, a theory strengthened by what looks to be her ikran in the background.


So, What's Going On With Jake and That Na'Vi?

There are a few directions to go in when it comes to theorizing what's happening in this scene.

The emotional moment could be one between Jake Sully and his daughter, Kiri, who still is devasted by the loss of her brother in The Way of Water

Similarly, after the events of the second movie, perhaps Neytiri has a crisis of faith and breaks off from her family for a while—she could have even joined up with the fire tribe, hence the red markings. The moment immortalized in the screenshot could be her returning home, head hung in regret.

Speaking of that new tribe, if this Na'vi is Oona Chaplin's Varang, maybe something drastic happens that leads her to be expelled from her people. When this happens, Jake Sully, who she'd likely have met earlier in the story, is there to console her.

Avatar 3 is set to hit theaters on December 19, 2025.

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