Avatar 3: New Photo May Spoil Major Character Change

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Kiri in Avatar Way of Water

A newly revealed piece of concept art may have spoiled a massive character moment set to be at the center of James Cameron's Avatar 3

After the massive success of Avatar: The Way of Water, fans are rabid for more info on next year's threequel set to take audiences back to the mysterious planet of Pandora. 

Not much is yet known about Avatar 3, but a few small details have been revealed including the introduction of a red-skinned fire nation of Na'vi known as "the Ash People," and a few new never-before-seen Pandoran biomes.

Other than that, fans are wondering just what will be up with the Sully clan as Jake and Netyiri's family take on new challenges, both internal and external. 

Big Changes Spoiled for Avatar 3?

Spider, Avatar

Official concept art shown at the Avatar Immersive Experience in Los Angeles has may have spoiled a massive character change coming for Jake Champion's Spider in 2024's Avatar 3

As spotted by some eagle-eyed fans on Reddit, the concept piece sees Champion's Spider (first introduced as a part of Avatar 2's expansive cast) floating underwater alongside Sigourney Weaver's Kiri. 

Spider Avatar 3
20th Century

However, what is out of place is the fact that Spider is no longer wearing a mask and seems to even have a queue like the other Na'vi. The queue (or neural queue) is the braid appendage of the Na'vi used as a neural link to the flora and fauna of Pandora.

20th Century

This has led many to speculate that perhaps Champion's human character could be getting a Na'vi Avatar in the film, making him an even deeper member of the Sully family. 

There is the possibility that this piece of concept art was made for Avatar: The Way of Water and ultimately scrapped, but with both films being developed at the same time, it could also very likely be a scene set to appear in the upcoming threequel. 

This is not the first scene that has seemingly been spoiled from the 2024 blockbuster, with another prominent sequence featuring Champion's Spider having already made headlines. 

What Will Happen to Spider in Avatar 3?

After making his franchise debut in Avatar: The Way of Water, it seems as though Jack Champion's Spider will continue to be integral to James Cameron's Pandoran odyssey as it heads into its third film. 

This will be even more the case if he does in fact make use of an Avatar like this concept piece looks to tease. 

Cameron already revealed that with Avatar 3, Spider is "going to remain an important character," making note that he is the glue that binds Sam Worthington's Jake to the villain of the first two films, Miles Quaritch (played by Stephen Lang). 

Identity already played a key part in Spider's story in Avatar 2, with the character dealing with what it meant to be the offspring of someone who he was bred to hate. 

That internal identity crisis could be pushed even further as he leaves his human form behind and goes full-time Na'vi. 

The character was already teased to be getting a bit of a redesign as a part of Avatar 3. So, Spider taking on yet another look in Avatar form would not be all that surprising. 

Avatar 3 comes to theaters on December 20, 2024. 

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