Agents of SHIELD Creator Denies Giving 'Blessing' for Chloe Bennet's MCU Reboot

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Agents of SHIELD creator Quake MCU Return

Despite the Marvel Cinematic Universe expanding in ways that fans never expected, there are still a few recent Marvel entries that remain outliers in the grand scheme of things. One of the biggest of these is ABC’s Agents of SHIELD, the first Marvel TV project that could have added a new layer to the MCU’s story.

In the beginning, the show felt definitively connected to the MCU, with Clark Gregg’s Phil Coulson coming back to life after Phase 1 along with key players like Samuel L. Jackson’s Nick Fury and Jaimie Alexander’s Lady Sif appearing. While that canon status got a little murkier as the series moved towards its later seasons, Agents of SHIELD has come back to the forefront due to rumors about the potential inclusion of a key character in the MCU.

Reports have floated the idea that next year’s Secret Invasion will incorporate a new version of Daisy Johnson, who was played by Chloe Bennet in all seven seasons of Agents of SHIELD. Amongst rampant speculation, the series’ showrunner has taken to social media to set the record straight on what she’s heard about the matter at hand.

Agents of SHIELD Writer Denies Quake Rumor

Daisy Johnson Quake

Agents of SHIELD showrunner Maurissa Tancharoen took to Twitter to set the record straight about Daisy Johnson/Quake potentially being rebooted in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

On July 18, Twitter user @thewatcher_2099 posted a rumor that there would be a new version of Daisy Johnson developed on Earth-616 within the MCU and that the Agents of SHIELD story would be relegated to separate universe:

"Can confirm now that Feige and CO. are treating Agents of SHIELD as another universe. Daisy in 616 will have a new origin, however aspects of her AoS story will be incorporated as a nod to all of the diehard fans. The creative team behind AoS gave their blessing."

Industry insider KC Walsh responded to this Tweet and indicated that this is how the characters from ABC and Netflix would be explained as well, leading Comic Book Resources to report on that Tweet.

CBR noted in that report that the creative team from Agents of SHIELD "gave their blessing" on the change, leading Tancharoen to reveal on Twitter that no such thing ever happened:

"Uhh 'our blessing'? First I heard of this..."

What's Happening With Chloe Bennet's Daisy Johnson?

As fans wait for more definitive confirmation on the canon status of characters from the upcoming Daredevil: Born Again show on Disney+, Agents of SHIELD's canonicity remains even more mysterious.

There's no way to tell if Daisy Johnson will even appear at all in Secret Invasion next year, much less if Chloe Bennet will reprise her role. And even if the actress is back, who's to say if she'd be playing the same Daisy Johnson from Agents of SHIELD?

Bennet has firmly denied rumors that she'd play the role again, indicating that Marvel hasn't called her about Secret Invasion even though she's not against taking it on once more.

With the Daredevil show not releasing until Spring 2024, it could be quite a long time until fans get any kind of definitive confirmation on the canon debate, but Daisy's inclusion in Secret Invasion will be something to watch out for much sooner.

As for Tancharoen, she seemed to make it clear that nobody "approved" anything about Bennet's Quake, likely meaning she's not involved with the MCU reboot or she can't say anything about Marvel's plans for the character. It's unclear if the MCU will ever make a definitive call on Agents of SHIELD's place in the MCU, but for the time being, it remains a loose end with the greater story.

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