A Doctor Strange Easter Egg Has Potentially Been Spotted in New Agatha: Coven of Chaos Set Photos

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A new set photo from the upcoming MCU show Agatha: Coven of Chaos teased a connection to both Doctor Strange and the Scarlet Witch.

The 2023 WandaVision spin-off has been the focus of a lot of leaks and theories lately, as it started production near the end of 2022. Only vague glimpses and teases have been given thus far, such as a logo and some photos, but fans are getting excited about the Agatha-focused show.

Now, a new set photo revealed even more for fans to look forward to in the spin-off, notably a connection to some MCU favorites.

Coven of Chaos Photo Teases Mystic Connection

A set photo from Agatha: Coven of Chaos posted on Just Jared revealed potential connections to both Doctor Strange and the Scarlet Witch in the 2023 spin-off show.

As pointed out by Multiman on Twitter, Ali Ahn seems to have a name tag reading "Alice."

Fans of Marvel Comics may recognize the name Alice from Doctor Strange: Last Days of Magic by Jason Aaron and Leonardo Romero. In this book, there is a character named Alice Gulliver — also known as The Wu.

A comic panel with a mystical background in various shades of pink. A woman with short, pink hair holds and fires a gun with each hand, pointing them forward. She wears a black vest overtop a white shirt. A yellow narration text box above her to the left reads
Marvel Comics

The Wu was originally the alias of Alice's mother, August Wu, and she was "Hong Kong's magical guardian:"

A comic page with a background image and two layered panels. The background image shows a woman in a white and gold robe holding a staff of some kind with a long, red braid. She floats against a black and pink cosmic background, saying
Marvel Comics

Both mother and daughter share mystic powers, which have been used in stories with Doctor Strange and the Scarlet Witch respectively.

Three comic panels. On the left is Doctor Strange and The Wu against a pink, cosmic background with a brick floor. Doctor Strange says:
Marvel Comics

Prior to Alice taking on the name of The Wu after her mother died, Doctor Strange met with the young Alice.

Four comic panels, three in a row on top, and one long one on the bottom. On the top left is Doctor Strange talking to a man in a blue seemingly button-up shirt. The man says
Marvel Comics

Given the name tag in the new set photo in addition to the red streak in Ahn's hair, it seems likely that Ahn will be playing Alice Gulliver in the MCU.

Another Mystic Hero for the MCU

If these speculations are to be believed, the MCU has gained another young mystic hero. Perhaps, Alice will appear in the rumored Strange Academy show on Disney+ with other young, mystic heroes.

Further, her inclusion in Agatha: Coven of Chaos indicates that the show will extend beyond WandaVision's cast of characters and into other mystic forces from Marvel Comics. Maybe characters like Doctor Voodoo or Magik could join the mystic line-up?

Regardless, Agatha: Coven of Chaos is sure to highlight the magic in the MCU in a way no project has done before.

Agatha: Coven of Chaos will release on Disney+ in Winter 2023.

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