Zachary Levi's Shazam Just Cameoed In a DC TV Show

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Zachary Levi's Shazam had an unexpected but exciting cameo in one of Titans' final episodes. 

HBO Max's edgy take on DC's band of teenage heroes, the Teen Titans, is about to round out its four-season run on the streaming service, as the franchise retools under the tutelage of co-CEOs James Gunn and Peter Safran.

A number of massive surprises have been teased for the Titans victory lap, including a fair share of exciting cameos from across the DC multiverse

This will all culminate in a series finale that has been described as "huge" by one of the series' stars, tying together the last few years of Teen Titans' storytelling on-screen.

A DCU & Titans Crossover 

Warner Bros.

The latest episode of HBO Max's Titans (titled "Dude, Where's My Gar?") featured a surprising Multiversal cameo from the DCU's Shazam, played by Zachary Levi. 

Levi's teenager-turned-superhero can be seen for a split second as Ryan Potter's Gar Logan/Beast Boy peers into the Multiverse. 

Warner Bros.

Gar can be seen traversing realities with a number of portals into other universes opening up. One of these featured Levi's Shazam flying toward the camera. 

Warner Bros.

This footage of the iconic DC hero is pulled straight from the first Shazam! film, as Shazam flies through the city to divert Mark Strong's Sivana before they go toe-to-toe. 

Warner Bros.

DC's Small Screen Synergy

Even for fans who have never seen an episode of Titans before, seeing a cameo on this scale on the small screen is an exciting prospect. 

And this has been something DC has excelled in over the past couple of years. Even though many of these TV series take place in different universes than the films, that has not stopped Warner Bros. from sneaking its big-screen heroes into the happenings of its television-based ventures. 

This Shazam cameo will be added to the list alongside the Justice League popping up at the end of Peacemaker and Ezra Miller's Flash helping out in The Flash's Crisis on Infinite Earths event

What has yet to happen, though, is a jump going the other way, with a DC character showing up on the big screen. However, that could all change this summer as it has been rumored Grant Gustin's Barry Allen (who is in the midst of rounding out his final season as the Flash on the CW) could appear in the upcoming The Flash film

And even if Gustin's TV take on the scarlet speedster does not get his moment on the big screen in June, this sort of super-powered synergy has already been revealed to be a key pillar of James Gunn's reinvigorated DCU set to get started sometime next year. 

Titans Season 4 can be streamed now on HBO Max. 

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