Marvel Studios' First-Ever X-Men LEGO Figures Get Unveiled (Photos)

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LEGO officially revealed a new set of minifigures of characters from the MCU's upcoming X-Men '97 show that is set to air on Disney+.

Back in May, fans were given their first look at Wolverine's costume in the X-Men '97 series, and the reveal proved that the character's design will be extremely similar to the animated show from the '90s as well as the comics.

The show was also teased at this year's San Diego Comic-Con when a panel revealed the first footage from it, showcasing different characters such as Cyclops and Jean Grey.

LEGO already revealed another X-Men '97 set that is a replica of one of Wolverine's claws, and that set went on sale on Tuesday, August 1.

LEGO Officially Reveals First X-Men '97 Minifigures

LEGO will be officially releasing its first batch of minifigures from X-Men '97, marking the first time that any minifigures of the X-Men team will be based on a Marvel Studios project.

LEGO has released minifigures and sets of X-Men before but not from anything produced by Marvel Studios. The past figures have been based on comics.

The figures that were revealed included a founding member of the X-Men team, Beast, which is fully blue in his Beast form.

Beast, LEGO, X-Men

A minifigure of Storm was also revealed by LEGO, and collectors will be able to display her with her powers in full effect.

Storm, X-Men, LEGO

Of course, an X-Men set wouldn't be complete without Wolverine. It appears as though this minifigure will have a removable mask, and fans will be able to put Logan's iconic hair on him instead of the mask.

Wolverine, Sentinel head, LEGO

These minifigures aren't part of a specific set but actually a full series of characters. These X-Men '97 minifigures will come in Series 2 with other characters such as Moon Knight, She-Hulk, and Goliath.

The box that these figures will come in, as well as a promo image, revealed a closer look at their designs. For example, Storm can be seen in the top right corner of the picture of all the figures in Series 2 shooting her lightning in the air.

Storm LEGO minifigure, X-Men '97

Beast and Wolverine will be featured on the front of the Series 2 box, and it seems as though their character designs in the upcoming animated X-Men '97 series will be extremely similar to their past designs in the comics and the '90s TV series.

Wolverine and Beast LEGO minifigures, X-Men '97

Did LEGO Spoil X-Men '97's Main Characters?

With the reveal of these three characters, many fans may assume that they will be the main characters in the upcoming animated X-Men '97 Disney+ series.

While all three are extremely integral to the X-Men team, it was confirmed in the past that not all of them will be the main focus of the show.

X-Men '97 head writer Beau DeMayo confirmed that "Storm and CYCLOPS" will be "the main characters."

This will be an interesting change from X-Men: The Animated Series, which largely focused on the entire team as a whole.

X-Men '97 will likely bring fans into the minds and viewpoints of Cyclops and Storm, offering a different perspective and a more personal story than that of its predecessor.

X-Men '97 currently has no release date.

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