Disney+’s X-Men Season 2 Gets Announcement Video

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Wolverine actor Cal Dodd gave X-Men fans exciting news regarding the MCU's upcoming animated series X-Men '97.

The third canonical animated series in the MCU (following What If...? and I Am Groot), X-Men '97 will be a return to the aesthetics, as well as the "earnestness ... [and] emotional sincerity" of the original X-Men: The Animated Series that inspired it.

Dodd — the voice actor behind Wolverine in both the original show and its successor — being involved will certainly help bridge the gap between the two shows as well.

X-cited X-fans now have even more reason to look forward to the series, thanks to an announcement video from Dodd.

Big X-News From Wolverine Star

X-Men 97 Marvel Studios

According to a tweet from Cal Dodd (Wolverine), voice work for X-Men '97's previously confirmed second season has officially begun.

Dodd dubbed the recording session as "GREAT!" in the text of his tweet, tagging the show and Disney+ along with it.

"Yesterday. Studio. Season 2. GREAT session!

He then called the beginning of the season "just the beginning" in the accompanying video, along with addressing fans with Wolverine's signature "bub:"

"Cal Dodd, voice of Wolverine from 'X-Men ’97.' The beginning of Season 2, I say, just the beginning. Strap your seatbelts on, bub. Later."

At Least 2 More Seasons of Animated X-Men

X-Men: The Animated Series fans can rejoice, knowing that not only is their X-Men show getting a successor with heavy involvement from the cast and creative team behind the original, but that there will be at least two seasons of it.

Further, Dodd's video confirms Wolverine's appearances in both announced seasons of the show — good news for fans of "the best there is at what [he does]."

The use of "bub" in the video suggests that Wolverine's character traits and quirks from both the original series and the comics will remain in the new show as well/

Perhaps, now that a second season is confirmed, more information about the first season will be revealed. Only some of the cast has been confirmed, and most of what fans know comes from announcements at San Diego Comic-Con in Summer 2022.

Until more is revealed, however, fans can expect to see the show on Disney+ in the Fall and can catch up on all seasons of the original series, currently streaming on the service.

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