When Will Wish Start Streaming? Disney Plus Reveals February 2024 Release Schedule Without Movie

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Disney's latest animated feature film Wish still doesn't have a streaming release date and a recent update suggests audiences will be waiting a while. 

The release of Wish was a milestone for the Walt Disney Company as it celebrated its 100th animated film. The film was released in November 2022, but it failed to win over critics and underperformed at the box office

Given this reception, it's expected that we'll see Wish streaming soon as many of Disney's other animated films have seen success on Disney+. But exactly when is the real question.

Disney+ Skips Wish in February Streaming Release Slate

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Disney+ released its monthly streaming video on YouTube featuring titles coming to the platform in February 2024 and, surprisingly, Wish did not make the list. 

Major titles like The Marvels and Star Wars: The Bad Batch Season 3 are set for release on Disney+ in February, but Wish was notably absent. 

There's still a possibility that the animated film could release in February, if Disney decides to drop it later in the month at the last minute, but for now it seems like we won't be seeing Wish on streaming in the next few weeks. 

When Will Wish Stream on Disney+?

Predictions based on Disney's previous theatrical to streaming windows had Wish releasing on Disney+ in late February. 

Should the studio choose not to release Wish on Disney+ this month, it may indicate that Disney is implementing a longer gap between theatrical and streaming releases. This is potentially a move to tempt audiences back to cinemas who may have become used to waiting for Disney's films on streaming - a precedent that was established during the COVID-19 pandemic.

What is interesting is that The Marvels, which hit cinemas only two weeks prior to Wish, is included in Disney+'s February streaming releases. This suggests that if a late February streaming date for Wish doesn't happen, it will almost certainly be included in the March batch. 

Another consideration to take into account is the release of Iwájú in late February, which is an original TV series from Walt Disney Animation. It's possible that Disney doesn't want to crowd its release schedule with two Disney Animation projects and is instead giving them each room to breathe. 

While it's yet to be released on Disney+, Wish can be purchased digitally now

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