Full Cast of Disney's 2023 Wish Movie: Every Main Character & Voice Actor (Photos)

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Disney Wish characters

For fans and audiences looking to know more about Disney Animation’s 2023 release, Wish, here’s a comprehensive list of the cast of characters from the studio’s newest film.

The film is led by Asha, a young woman who accidentally summons a powerful shooting star to help her take back wishes stolen by Rosas’ King Magnifico.

Wish co-director previously told The Direct the leading character, Asha, has “a passion and a drive and a strength to her” like many previous Disney heroes. But what really makes her “unique” is how they were able to “[bring] in Ariana DeBose.”

But the West Side Story actress is far from the only talented star partaking in the fun.

Meet the Cast of Disney's Wish Movie

Ariana DeBose - Asha

Ariana DeBose, Asha from Wish
Ariana DeBose

Ariana DeBose brings to life the charming, sharp-witted, and determined Asha. She treasures her family and community, and as the story begins, she’s hoping to become King Mangifico’s apprentice.

Asha is also really hoping her one-hundred-year-old Sabino finally gets his wish granted on his birthday.

In a press release for the movie, co-director Chris Buck described the main character of Wish as “energetic,” “enthusiastic,” and “driven:”

“Asha is energetic—and enthusiastic member of her community who proudly shows off this incredible place where she’s grown up. She’s a believer. She’s driven to do what is right for Rosas, which really kicks in when she learns the king’s real plans for most of the wishes in his possession.”

DeBose is known for her time in West Side Story, Schmigadoon!, and Westworld. She also plays Calypso in the upcoming Sony Pictures movie Kraven the Hunter.

Chris Pine - King Magnifico

Chris Pine, King Magnifico from Wish
Chris Pine

Chris Pine plays King Magnifico, the most powerful man of all of Rosas and the villain of Wish. The King practices magic while promising to grant his subject’s wishes at monthly ceremonies.

What he doesn’t tell everyone, however, is that Magnifico doesn’t plan on granting many of the wishes he takes away, claiming some to be far too dangerous to make a reality. Once the powerful Star comes into the picture, the King starts to fall down a rabbit hole with forbidden magic.

Art director of characters Bill Schwab expressed in the press release for the movie that “it was really exciting to design a true villain,” calling King Magnifico as “super vain” and “self-absorbed:”

“It was really exciting to design a true villain... The directors always wanted him to be very attractive, body-conscious, dynamic. We really played up his shock of hair like he probably spends a lot of time in the mirror. He’s super vain. He’s super self-absorbed. But he looks like a winner.

Pine was most recently in Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves and previously starred in Wonder Woman and Star Trek.

Alan Tudyk - Valentino

Alan Tudyk, Valentino from Wish
Alan Tudyk

Valentino, voiced by Alan Tudyk, is Asha’ trusty goat companion who gets the ability to speak thanks to Star. He’s both confident and opinionated and adds plenty of heart and laughs to the film.

According to Fawn Veerasunthorn in a press release, Valentino “carries a big theme in this movie:”

“He carries a big theme in this movie... He loves to climb, but he’s not very good at it—he keeps falling down. But he refuses to be discouraged, saying, ‘With each fall, I learn. I just keep going.’”

Tudyk has lent his talents to many projects in the past, including Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, Moana, Harley Quinn, and Firefly.

Angelique Cabral - Amaya

Angelique Cabral, Amaya from Wish
Angelique Cabral

Amaya is King Magnifico’s loving and devoted wife and his trusty sounding board. Once the King starts to fall into the lure of forbidden magic, she starts to have doubts regarding his leadership.

Director Fawn Veerasunthorn explained in a press release that she “rules this kingdom with compassion and respect for the people:

“She rules this kingdom with compassion and respect for the people. She encourages everyone to have their hopes and dreams and be kind to each other, and we love that about Queen Amaya.”

Other projects Cabral can be seen in include Life in Pieces, Enlisted, and Friends with Benefits.

Victor Garber - Sabino

Victor Garber, Sabino from Wish
Victor Garber

Victor Garber brings Sabino to life, Asha’s late father’s father. He’s a hundred years old, and Asha is hoping he’ll finally get his wish granted at a ceremony.

In a press release for the film, director Chris Buck noted Garber lends “his own warmth, likability and charm to the character:”

“We want audiences to root for Sabino to get his wish—finally!... Victor Garber does that from the moment we meet Sabino. He lends his own warmth, likability, and charm to the character and makes the sweet relationship between Asha and her grandfather really shine. Victor also brings a level of classiness and strength to Sabino.”

Many will remember the actor from his time on Alias and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow. He also was in Titanic, Argo, and Legally Blonde.

Natasha Rothwell - Sakina

Natasha Rothwell, Sakina from Wish
Natasha Rothwell

Sakina is Asha’s loving and supportive mom alongside Sabino. Natasha Rothwell gives her voice to the creative character, who also happens to be the one who knitted Valentino’s pajamas.

Head of animation Rebecca Wilson shared how the character “reminds [her] of [her] mom, who’s very supportive.” She also added that “Sakina is super supportive of Asha—she wants her to do great things.”

Jennifer Kumiyama - Dahlia

Jennifer Kumiyama, Dahlia from Wish
Jennifer Kumiyama

Jennifer Kumiyama’s Dahlia is one of Asha’s main friends and a talented baker who has a massive crush on King Magnifico. Unofficially, she’s the leader of Asha’s larger friend group.

Co-director Chris Buck explained that Dahlia is “methodical” and compliments Asha

“Dahlia and Asha complement one another... Dahlia is methodical—the kind of person who stops and assesses the situation, while Asha is more full speed ahead.”

The actress also appears in Awkward., PlusmThis! Show, and The Sessions.

Harvey Guillén - Gabo

Harvey Guillén, Gabo from Wish
Harvey Guillén

Harvey Guillén plays Gabo, Asha’s friend who is inspired by Grumpy. He is quick with a comeback and is a harsh cynic—though, secretly, he has a heart of gold.

Screenwriter Allison Moore described the character in a press release as “the realist of the bunch” who is “willing to tell his friends the hard truth about life.”

Guillén recently starred in Blue Beetle and can also be seen in What We Do in the Shadows, Mickey Mouse Funhouse, Puss in Boots: The Last Wish, and more.

Niko Vargas - Hal

Niko Vargas, Hal from Wish
Niko Vargas

Hall is Asha’s friend who is perpetually happy, always bringing a little joy to every situation. She is voiced by actress Niko Vargas,

Screenwriter Allison Moore shared that “even when [Hal’s] really nervous or scared, she smiles.”

Vargas can also briefly be seen in Craig of the Creek and Monkey Wrench.

Evan Peters - Simon

Evan Peters, Simon from Wish
Evan Peters

Simon, played by Evan Peters, is one of Asha’s quieter friends, who is always a bit sleepy and looks like he’s a bit down on his luck. He longs to be a warrior protecting the King of Rosas.

Allison Moore simply summed up Simon by saying how “he’s a bit of a gentle giant.”

Peters brought Peter Maximoff to life in the Fox X-Men films and also appeared in Marvel Studios’ first Disney+ series, WandaVision.

Ramy Youssef - Safi

Ramy Youssef, Safi from Wish
Ramy Youssef

Ramy Youssef’s Safi, another member of Asha’s friend group, is plagued by allergies and is constantly catching himself sneezing.

Co-director Veerasunthorn shared how they “wanted his hat to pop off when he sneezed, and then settle back onto his head—just like the 2D hand-drawn character [Sneezy].”

Youssef starred in three seasons of Ramy and also played a role in Poor Things and Mr. Robot.

Jon Rudnitsky - Dario

Jon Rudnitsky, Dario from Wish
Jon Rudnitsky

Asha’s friend Dario, played by Jon Rudnitsky, is an easy-to-love, rosy-cheeked young man who is inspired by Dopey.

Head of story Mark Kennedy noted how Dario "lives in his own world," but is also "unexpectedly brilliant:"

“Dario has a great heart, but he lives in his own world. Every now and then, however, he’ll say something unexpectedly brilliant, and everybody’s like, ‘What’s going on?’”

Rudnitsky can also be seen in The Big Leap, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Catch-22, and more.

Della Saba - Bazeema

Della Saba, Bazeema from Wish
Della Saba

Della Saba’s Bazeema is shy, full of surprises, and always keeping tabs on everyone from a distance. She is also a part of Asha’s friend group.

In a press release for the movie, co-director Veerasunthorn revealed that the character is “an introvert:”

“She is an introvert... That’s why she doesn’t jump in and eagerly participate. I feel like we know more about extroverts and introverts in this day and age. We want to make space for everybody, and Bazeema’s friends accept her as she is.”

Fans can spot the actress in other projects such as Physical, Kung Fu Panda: The Dragon Knight, and Stillwater.

Wish is now playing in theaters worldwide.

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