Disney Announces Evan Peters' Surprise Role In Next Movie, Wish

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Disney just announced that WandaVision and American Horror Story icon Evan Peters joined its next animated film, Wish.

This year marks Disney's 100th anniversary. To celebrate the occasion, the studio's next animated movie will be honoring the iconic wishing star imagery that the company is so well known for.

The story follows Asha, a sharp-witted idealist who makes a wish so powerful that it summons a ball of boundless energy named Star. The sudden appearance of this cosmic force doesn't sit well with King Magnifico, who rules over the kingdom of Rosas and holds the wishes of its many citizens in his hands.

One of those citizens will be voiced by none other than the former Peter Maximoff, also known as Quicksilver in the Fox X-Men films.

Evan Peters Joins Disney's Wish, Alongside a New Trailer

In a new press release from Disney, it was announced that Evan Peters will be joining the cast of Wish.

Not many details on his role were revealed, but he'll be playing Simon, a close friend of the leading character, Asha, who is described as "the strong guy with a big heart and bigger yawn."

Simon is the larger character standing just to the right of this very large chicken.


The WandaVision star will be joining leading cast members Ariana DeBose (Asha), Chris Pine (King Magnifico), and Alan Tudyk (Valentino).

Wish, Asha, Valentino

Other newly announced cast additions include:

  • Angelique Cabral as Queen Amaya, King Magnifico's wife and sounding board
  • Victor Garber as Asha's grandfather Sabino, who is "patiently waiting for his wish to be granted."
  • Harvey Guillén as Gabo, a "cynical" person who "has a heart of gold" despite that quality.
  • Ramy Youseff as Safi, whose defining trait is being "plagued by allergies."
  • Niko Vargas as "Asha's joyful, always smiling buddy," Hal.
  • Della Sab as Bazeema, a "seemingly shy teenager" who is "full of surprises."
  • Jon Rudnitsky as "Asha's rosy-cheeked, wiggly-eared pal," Dario.

Many of these characters make up Asha's group of close friends, who can be seen in this new group shot:


Alongside the new casting reveals, Wish also unveiled a brand new trailer for the upcoming animated film:

Evan Peters Makes a Wish

On a visual level, the film looks absolutely stunning. The art style really pops and makes the movie seem like a painting come to life.

Even the film's soundtrack, which can be briefly heard in the new trailer, seems like it could give the world more Disney classics in the making. 

But can it live up to the extremely high bar set by 2021's Encanto? Only time will be able to tell.

The cast seems to be notably strong for the project as well, and Marvel fans are undoubtedly excited to see Evan Peters pop up, even if it's still not the Quicksilver revival everyone wants. Fingers crossed that his character in Wish results in more than just a quick, lackluster pun—yes, looking at you, Ralph Bohner.

Wish hits theaters on November 22.

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