Warner Bros. Omits Ray Fisher's Cyborg from Justice League Max Icon Roster

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Ray Fisher Cyborg Justice League

Despite other versions of the hero appearing, Ray Fisher's Cyborg from Justice League was omitted from the profile roster on the newly-launched Max

Fisher has not had the best relationship with Warner Bros. since his time playing the DCU character. 

Since the Justice League actor accused DC director Joss Whedon of "gross, abusive, unprofessional" behavior on the set of the super-powered team-up film, he has continued to show his dismay toward the studio and franchise.

Fisher has been seen calling out the new DC Studios regime, throwing shade at the cancelation of Batgirl last year, and even celebrating the departure of DC executives like Walter Hamada with no attempt to bury the hatchet with the Hollywood giant. 

Ray Fisher Left Off Max

Warner Bros. 

Ray Fisher's Cyborg has been left off the roster of Justice League profile avatars on Warner Bros.' (WB) new streaming service, Max. 

Fans of WB's super-powered cinematic universe can represent themselves on the platforms with every other major player from the DCEU's Justice League film - specifically Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman, The Flash, and Aquaman; however, Fisher's DC character remains absent. 

Warner Bros.

This comes despite Joivan Wade's take on the character from Doom Patrol and Teen Titans' animated version of the hero being present.  

Warner Bros.

There is no apparent reason why Fisher's Cyborg did not make the cut, but it is likely due to the actor's ongoing dispute with Warner Bros. and DC.

Update: An icon for Ray Fisher's Cyborg has now been added to the Max profile picture options, possibly in response to the actor's omission from the initial roster.

Max profile picture icons, Justice League characters
Warner Bros.

Why Was Cyborg Left Out by WB? 

This omission is sure to turn some heads, and with the inclusion of other takes on the Cyborg character appearing on the service, it is hard to deny that Ray Fisher's commission was an intentional move on the part of Warner Bros. 

To say the Fisher-WB relationship is prickly would be an understatement. Long before there was word of a DCU reboot on the way, the Justice League actor was primed and ready to retire from the franchise because of his alleged mistreatment while working with the studio. 

While it may seem odd that even subjects of controversy like Ezra Miller's Barry Allen/Flash and retired characters like Henry Cavill's Clark Kent/Superman are available on this list, this is a completely different circumstance. 

Cavill and WB ended things on solid (albeit complicated) terms, the studio is actively promoting Miller's upcoming solo movie in The Flash, and the rest of these Justice League actors still have good, if not neutral, relationships with the franchise. 

That is not the case with Fisher. There is no love lost between the two parties here. While Warner Bros. looks to be actively keeping Fisher's Cyborg off their streaming platform, it feels as though Fisher would not be too worried about the exclusion after all the bad blood. 

Justice League can be streamed now on Max. 

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