WandaVision Location Easter Egg Hints at Scarlet Witch's Alternate Reality

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Scarlet Witch, WandaVision trailer scene

Last week brought the first full trailer for the upcoming Disney+ MCU series WandaVision. Centered around the life of Wanda Maximoff after the events of Avengers: Endgame, the series promises to defy the rules of reality, as Wanda creates multiple worlds of classic television sitcoms to escape into.

The WandaVision trailer broke a viewing record with about 53 million views in under 24 hours, and it featured tons of new footage. Exciting easter eggs could be found all over, and now a new discovery may lead to an interesting parallel to one of the most iconic films of all time.


A Reddit post from user spanish-thumb points out an interesting connection between the names of the towns within Wanda's reality. While the trailer confirmed the town's name is "Westview," early WandaVision set photos, which can be seen in the tweet below, reveal the town's name to be "Eastview."

The Reddit user states "Now this begs the question: what is Eastview? Is it the real-life counterpart to Wanda's Westview? Or is it another case of reality-bending?" 

WV Eastview, Westview.
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This new discovery definitely adds a lot more intrigue to what this means for WandaVision. The simplest explanation is that Eastview is the real town that the alternate reality of Westview exists within. This small simple town could become the center of this reality-altering adventure, wherein Wanda affects the outside world of Eastview in a drastic way that she has no knowledge of.

This could also help explain the appearance of Darcy Lewis within the series, given that Darcy has some experience with a small town being invaded by a super-powered presence. Though, Eastview could also be a separate alternate reality that Wanda creates, perhaps being the setting for a different era within her sitcom worlds, or it could even a neighboring town that's controlled by a different magical master: Agatha Harkness.

These two town names could also be a slight nod to The Wizard of Oz. Both WandaVision and The Wizard of Oz could contain a sort of battle between witches, as Wanda defends Westview from the dangers that could be living within Eastview.

With all the thought and detail going into the development of this series, there's no doubt that the existence of both Westview and Eastview will be an important part of WandaVision, and fans will only have to wait a couple more months to find out every mystery hidden within this MCU show.

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