WandaVision: Alternate Looks For Scarlet Witch's Chaos Magic Revealed In New Concept Art

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WandaVision Chaos Magic Westview Vision Creation

Marvel Studio's first Disney+ series WandaVision gave fans something to look forward to and relentlessly speculate about back in February and March. Led by Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany, the show explored Wanda's journey post-Avengers: Endgame and the origin of the Scarlet Witch.

This nine-episode series was a unique look at the MCU and a sign that the future of Marvel Television could go to a lot of creative places. Jumping between generations of sitcoms and then to familiar MCU action, WandaVision gave fans something completely new.

Part of this mystical origin story was the discovery that Wanda uses chaos magic, the explanation for how she was about to create her own Fantasy Land. This ideal life she creates is finally shown in Episode 8 "Previously On," where we see Wanda's magic explode across an entire town.

A behind-the-scenes concept of this scene from Episode 8 has now been unveiled. 


New concept art of WandaVision has been released via artist Pablo Dominguez on ArtStation. The concepts depict the moment the Scarlet Witch creates Westview and uses the piece of the Mind Stone in her to recreate Vision.

The first image displays Wanda floating after her chaos magic explodes out around her, creating what would be her new home in Westview.

Wanda Westview

The final product on Disney+ shows a slightly brighter red and a more pixelated construction.

Wanda Disney+

The next concept may indicate that these were made during the production of the series. The exact furnishing design (down to the pillow placement) of the concept art matches with the final product shown in Episode 8.

Wanda Vision

The official scene looks very similar to the concept. An added detail in live-action is the visual of seeing Vision take shape from nothing.

WV Disney+

The final concept is a close-up of Vision's hand as he is being recreated.

Vision Hand

The final close-up shot on Disney+ is nearly identical, besides Vision's torso still being animated to take its final black and white form.

Vision Hand Disney+



It is a treat for fans to see the concept art of this critical scene from WandaVision. It displays the true potential of Wanda's power and stylistically Marvel Studios had to be specific on how they wanted it to look.

The concept of Wanda exploding with magic and creating new life around her is an incredibly cool concept, but could've looked poor in the wrong hands. It seems that these images may have been made after the scenes were filmed and were the basis for the computer graphics team to work off. 

WandaVision played around with a lot of different styles and themes that were new to the MCU. The series used a lot of subtle CGI such as Vision's face/head, but also major action scenes like this sequence and the final battle between Agatha Harkness and the Scarlet Witch.

Another unique use of CGI is coming up in Shang-Chi and the Legend of The Ten Rings. The mystical use of the Ten Rings may give fans flashbacks to singing to "It was Agatha All Along" in the small town of Westview.

WandaVision is streaming now on Disney+.

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