WandaVision Reveals Dottie's Real Name Connects To Salem Witchcraft

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WandaVision has come to an end , and the finale put many fan theories and speculations to rest. One character many viewers were hoping to learn more about, however, was Dottie, the "queen bee" of Westview - at least the version under the Hex.

The character visibly shed red blood during the largely black-and-white "Episode 2" which made many believe she would be more significant to the overall story. Her full name suggests that perhaps there may have been more than meets the eye...


Dottie didn't show up in WandaVision again until the final episode, in which she is seen as her true self. She asks Wanda aka the Scarlet Witch to come up with a "storyline" for her daughter, so she can come out of her room (as the children of Westview have been forced to stay in their bedrooms for most of the series).

Unlike some other significant residents of the town, the character's real name is never mentioned in the show. However, a curious name is provided in the Spanish voiceover credits for Episode 9.

WandaVision Credits

The list of character names in the credits confirms Dottie's real name is Sarah Proctor. In real life, Sarah Proctor was accused of witchcraft during the Salem Witch Trials.

Salem Witch trials
Sarah Proctor - Salem


WandaVision flashes back to Salem at the time of the Witch Trials in "Episodes 8" and "9", though it's Agatha who is on trial in those scenes (and by other witches, not regular civilians). Dottie is nowhere to be found, but it has been made clear that there are other witches out somewhere in the MCU, and it's possible she could be one of them.

This could also be a nod to the fan theory of Dottie being a witch that developed after "Episode 2" came out. It turns out her character's disdain for Wanda was part of the sitcom and seemingly not because of anything to do with witchcraft, but that may make this an even funnier Easter egg. Much like the real-life Sarah Proctor was accused of being a witch by those around her, the character in WandaVision was accused of being one by fans of the show.

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