WandaVision Finale Becomes Worst-Rated Episode on Rotten Tomatoes

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After weeks of mysteries and fan theories, WandaVision has aired its final episode. With nine episodes all wrapped up, audiences are now able to look back at the show and consider it as a whole story. 

WandaVision earned high praise very early on from critics, and fans have been enjoying pondering over the Easter eggs hidden within the show. Everything from WandaVision's commercials to Evan Peters' role in the show, to the identity of the mysterious aerospace engineer, has been the cause of much speculation. After all the build-up over nine episodes, was WandaVision able to stick the landing?

The series finale brought a conclusion to the story of Wanda, Vision, and the hex, but it seems not everyone was entirely satisfied. 


Review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes has released its score for WandaVision's finale. The series finale managed to retain a 'Fresh' rating with 17 fresh ratings and 4 rotten reviews. However, this sets the concluding chapter lower than every other episode in the series at 81%.

The full episode scores can be seen below:

  • Episode 1: 100%
  • Episode 2: 100%
  • Episode 3: 86%
  • Episode 4: 91%
  • Episode 5: 100%
  • Episode 6: 95%
  • Episode 7: 84%
  • Episode 8: 95%
  • Episode 9: 81%

Rotten Tomatoes also gave a consensus for this score, saying the final episode may not be the finale many MCU fans were expecting:

"The Series Finale" implodes WandaVision's intimacy in favor of bigger MCU bangs, and while it might not be the finale some fans were hoping for, it offers enough breadcrumbs to keep everyone guessing about the future of the multiverse.


While the series finale of WandaVision may be the lowest scoring of the bunch, it received a score of 81% which is still pretty high for Rotten Tomatoes. Scores on Rotten Tomatoes that were originally quite high or low have been known to change as more reviews come in, so it's still possible there could be a shakeup in WandaVision's rankings.

The reasoning behind the score seems to be a case of critics liking the WandaVision finale, just not loving it. After nine episodes of build-up, lots of storylines that fans had speculated over didn't really live up to the hype. Audiences never learned who Monica's aerospace engineer was, the famous cameo that Paul Bettany teased turned out to just be himself, and theories of Mephisto or Doctor Strange showing up turned out to be just theories.

It's easy to see why fans and critics alike feel short-changed by WandaVision's season finale, but that is the inherent challenge of pulling off a satisfying finale. At the Direct we recently ranked the series finale higher than some of the other episodes that received a perfect score on RT, so it just goes to show that, like with every film and TV review, these scores are all subjective.

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