WandaVision: Evan Peters' Quicksilver and Wanda's Twins Show Off Superpowers In Quick Set Video

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Evan Peters as Quicksilver, WandaVision logo, Jett Klyne as Tommy, Julian Hilliard as Billy

WandaVision is showing no signs of slowing down, and that should bode well for the viewing public as the series enters its final stretch. The Elizabeth Olsen-led project has been the main topic of discussion among fans , mainly due to its mystery box approach. That said, it looks like some answers to the show's lingering questions will soon be revealed.

One of the welcome yet intriguing additions to the show's growing cast is Evan Peters . Arriving in “Episode 5” as Westview's new resident, the former X-Men actor didn't waste time in cementing his presence in the series as Wanda's long-lost brother, Pietro Maximoff.

Still, multiple pieces of evidence suggest that Peters is not actually playing the role of Quicksilver, seemingly hinting that the character is up to no good. Whatever the case, it's a safe bet that the character's true identity will be addressed during the next batch of episodes.

While fans speculate about Peters' true identity in the show, a new snippet from the set of WandaVision has emerged.


WandaVision 's Jett Klyne, who plays Tommy, shared a new behind-the-scenes Boomerang from the set of the hit MCU series. In the post , it shows Evan Peters' Quicksilver alongside Klyne and Billy actor Julian Hilliard in a charming video that mimics their on-screen superpowers.

Along with the video, Klyne complimented Peters by sharing that the actor “really is the best:”

"Superpowered. @iamjulianhilliard evanpeters

PS. As you know, yes, Evan really is the best."


On the surface, this latest photo provides a fascinating look at the bond of the actors on the set of WandaVision . Based on this reveal, it looks like the behind-the-scenes friendship between the actors ultimately shifted on-screen.

As a result, the trio served as one of the standouts of the intense sixth episode of the series, mainly due to their impressive chemistry with one another.

Looking ahead, the aftermath of “Episode 6" is no doubt a must-see, and “Pietro” and the twins will likely play a huge part in the narrative. It will be interesting to find out how Wanda will treat her brother this time around, especially after the pair's confrontation in the final moments of the lastest episode.

Meanwhile, Billy and Tommy's powers are expected to be the main focus of the forthcoming episodes of WandaVision . After showing a glimpse of how powerful the twins are, there's a strong chance that the duo will be made aware of Wanda's control in Westview, thus potentially leading to a tragic confrontation.

Overall, the final three episodes of WandaVision are poised to present numerous exciting possibilities that will likely define the next chapter of the MCU.

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