Universal Epic Universe Orlando: Every Ride In New Park (Confirmed & Reported)

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Universal Epic Universe Orlando: Rides

Universal Epic Universe, a brand-new theme park coming to the Universal Orlando Resort, opens its doors next year offering a whole new roster of roller coasters and dark rides. 

First announced in 2019, Universal Orlando has finally confirmed what this new destination has in store.

This includes five themed lands consisting of Super Nintendo World, Dark Universe, The Wizarding World of Harry Potter - Ministry of Magic, and How to Train Your Dragon - Isle of Berk. 

What Rides are Coming to Universal Epic Universe?

Universal Epic Universe map

Each of these immersive lands will be home to its own set of attractions; and while Universal Orlando hasn't revealed them all just yet, here's every ride that has either been confirmed or reported. 

Celestial Park

Celestial Park entrance at Universal Epic Universe
Universal Orlando

According to Universal Orlando's press release, the garden-like Celestial Park with its cosmic and mythological touches will serve as "a gateway" to Epic Universe's "four additional worlds" which are accessed via portals. 

Universal Epic Universe portals

However, portals, green spaces, and waterfalls aren't all that Celestial Park has to offer as this land will be home to rides of its own. 

Starfall Racers

Starfall Racers at Universal Epic Universe

Two tracks. Two launches. One ride. Starfall Racers is one of Universal's newest roller coasters that allows cars to race each other through the sky like shooting stars.  

Starfall Racers' double racing vehicles are also expected to feature inverted crisscross maneuvers and reach speeds up to 62 mph. 

Constellation Carousel at Universal Epic Universe
Universal Orlando

While not as thrilling as Starfall Racers, Constellation Carousel isn't your typical carousel.

In addition to constellation-inspired ride vehicles, this carousel glides and even performs 360-degree rotations.  

Super Nintendo World

Universal's Super Nintendo World

After Universal Studios Hollywood opened the first stateside Super Nintendo World in 2023, Epic Universe looks to up the ante with a Super Mario-themed land that features three rides instead of one. 

Universal Super Nintendo World

Mario Kart: Bowser's Challenge 

As it sounds, Mario Kart: Bowser's Challenge allows riders to experience what it's like to drive in a Mario Kart game. 

At Universal Studios Hollywood, this attraction is an augmented reality dark ride where guests board vehicles resembling Mario Kart "karts" that follow a track through a blend of physical sets and screens, all while wearing AR visors. 

While aboard, riders fire Koopa Shells (via augmented reality of course) through familiar Mario Kart locations, such as Dolphin Shoals and Rainbow Road, and earn points to win the race (and yes, "drifting" is possible).

Yoshi's Adventure

While Universal hasn't officially confirmed this ride, Orlando Park Stop reported that a family-friendly omnimover titled Yoshi's Adventure is slated for Epic Universe. 

In theme park speak, an omnimover is a ride system where the vehicles are continuously moving, like Disney's Haunted Mansion attractions, and turn and rotate guests towards scenes and effects. 

A version of Yoshi's Adventure opened with Universal Studios Japan's Super Nintendo World back in 2021.

Mine Cart Madness

Unlike Universal Studios Hollywood, Donkey Kong Country is headed for Epic Universe's Super Nintendo World anchored by the cutting-edge Donkey Kong-themed "Mine Card Madness" roller coaster. 

Since another version of this ride is opening at Universal Studios Japan in Spring 2024, theme park fans already know what to expect, including the use of Universal's new patented "Boom Coaster" technology that allows ride vehicles to seemingly jump over gaps in a track. 

Patent for Universal's Mine Cart Madness
US Patent Office

The following is the synopsis for Japan's Mine Cart Madness and what Orlando is likely to receive as well:

“The fun starts when you get blasted out of a barrel cannon at the Golden Temple! Hop into a mine cart and go for a thrilling ride through the jungle! You’ll even leap across a collapsed track! This series of unpredictable thrills will make you scream with excitement! Join Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong in this race through the jungle on a wild adventure to protect the Golden Banana from the Tiki Tak Tribe!”

Dark Universe

Universal Epic Universe's Dark Universe

Inspired by Universal's classic monsters, Dark Universe is where these horror icons are "reimagined in an ominous and chilling experience."

Universal Epic Universe's Dark Universe portal

Universal Orlando has yet to confirm which rides await in Dark Universe, but reports, patents, and construction photos via Orlando Park Stop have already shown what's in store.

Monsters Unchained: The Frankenstein Experiment 

Universal Epic Universe's Dark Universe

Housed inside a sprawling gothic manor, Monsters: Unchained is reported to be a dark ride starring all of Universal's classic monsters. 

According to Theme Park Tourist, reports and patents suggest the ride vehicle will utilize the same KUKA Robo Arm tech as Islands of Adventure's Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey attraction and lock guests into a Dr. Frankenstein-like mechanical device for the experience. 

Curse of the Werewolf

Again, thanks to construction photos, fans know Dark Universe's second attraction will be yet another roller coaster but one that spins and echoes the Wolf Man's moonlight transformation. 

The Wizard World of Harry Potter - Ministry of Magic 

Universal Epic Universe's Harry Potter Ministry of Magic

Completing Universal Orlando Resort's Harry Potter theme park trilogy is Ministry of Magic, a land that blends "1920s wizarding Paris" from Warner Bros. Fantastic Beasts franchise with the "iconic British Ministry of Magic from the Harry Potter series." 

Harry Potter and the Battle of the Ministry

While Universal Orlando hasn't publically shared details about this land's flagship ride, permits and leaked details suggest guests will experience the Floo Network of fireplaces and ride aboard the same style of vehicles as Islands of Adventure's The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man

Even though this isn't a new ride system, unlike previous incarnations, Battle of the Ministry's vehicles appear to be capable of verticle motion similar to that of an elevator.

How to Train Your Dragon: Isle of Berk

Universal Epic Universe's How to Train Your Dragon

Based on the Dreamworks How to Train Your Dragon franchise, Universal Orlando claims "you'll soar with dragons and have a Viking adventure" at Isle of Berk, the world's "first dragon-Viking Utopia."

Hiccup's Wing Gliders

The centerpiece ride for How to Train Your Dragon: Isle of Berk is Hiccup's Wing Gliders, a large outdoor roller coaster that Orlando Park Stop notes may be a family coaster. 

Dragon Racer's Rally

Isle of Berk's second attraction is set to utilize a Sky Fly ride system which resembles a flat, spinner-style ride but does so much more. 

Aboard Dragon Racer's Rally, riders take part in dragon-riding training and control what their vehicles do, such as swaying, soaring, and even performing upside-down barrel rolls.

Fyre Drill

While Isle of Berk's other two attractions involves dragons and flight, Fyre Drill is a Viking-style boat ride armed with water shooters that allow guests to aim at targets and other boats. 

Universal Epic Universe is expected to open at the Universal Orlando Resort in 2025.

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