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Tracker Justin Hartley and Gil Birmingham

Wind River and the Twilight Saga's Gil Birmingham joins the stellar cast of Tracker Episode 10. 

Episode 10, "Into the Wild," brings Colter (quite literally) into the Idaho wilderness as he attempts to track down three individuals whose plane was last seen taking off during bad weather. The client is also a friend of Reenie's father. 

Tracker Episode 10 premiered on CBS on April 28. 

Every Main Cast Member of Tracker Episode 10

Justin Hartley - Colter Shaw

Justin Hartley as Colter Shaw in Tracker Episode 10
Justin Hartley

Justin Hartley is back as Colter Shaw for another mission to find missing persons in Tracker Episode 10. 

Colter is tasked to search for three missing individuals whose plane crashed in the wild. What is unique about this week's mission is the fact that his client is a friend of Renee's father, making things interesting for the pair's dynamic. 

Hartley can be seen as Kevin Pearson in This Is Us, Oliver Queen in Smallville, and Patrick Osbourne in Revenge

Fiona Rene - Reenie

Fiona Rene as Reenie in Tracker Episode 10
Fiona Rene

After a two-week absence, Reenie (played by Fiona Rene) returns to ask Colter's help to find the adult children of her friend's father, Gus. 

In the early moments of Episode 10, Reenie sneaks up on Colter during his day off to seek assistance. The pair goes to Idaho to speak to Reenie's family friend, unpacking details about the plane crash.

Rene's most recognizable roles are playing Detective Kara Lee in Stumptown, Rebecca Lee in Fire Country, and Lyla in I Know What You Did Last Summer.

Gil Birmingham - Gus McMillion

Gil Birmingham as Gus McMillion in Tracker Episode 10
Gil Birmingham

Tracker's notable guest star of the week is Yellowstone's Gil Birmingham as Gus McMillion, the owner of McMillion Charter and Treks in Idaho and a friend of Reenie's father. 

Gus wants to find out if his son and daughter are still alive after their plane went completely off track their flight plan amid the bad weather. He also tells Colter that he is ready to pay his fee if he can find both of them in the wild. 

While being a skilled pilot as well, Gus helps Colter search the area by piloting a plane to fly over the last known location of the plane. 

Yellowstone fans may recognize Birmingham for his role as Thomas Rainwater in the series. The actor also appeared as Billy Black in the Twilight movies and he is also the voice of Forge in X-Men '97

Robin Weigert - Teddi Bruin

Robin Weigert as Teddi Bruin in Tracker Episode 10
Robin Weigert 

Robin Weigert reprises her role as one of Colter's assistants, Teddi Bruin. 

In Episode 10, Teddi helps Colter and Reenie to find more details about the client of Gus' children (Walter) as well as the dead body that they found near the crash site. 

Teddi also uses her FBI contact to gain intel about an individual from Stand Lake who helps people vanish. 

Weigert is known for her roles in The Sessions, The Good German, and American Horror Story

Abby McEnany - Velma Bruin

Abby McEnany as Velma Bruin in Tracker Episode 10
Abby McEnany

Abby McEnany returns as Teddi's wife, Velma Bruin. 

Velma, one of Colter's assistants, helps in identifying details about Walter's car and why he hired the McMillions in the first place. She also looks into a place called Pinewood and why it is crucial in Walter's supposed plan to escape the border.

McEnany has credits in Work in Progress, Roomies, and Brown Girl Problems.

Rachel Colwell - Madison McMillion

Rachel Colwell as Madison McMillion in Tracker Episode 10
Rachel Colwell

Rachel Colwell joins the cast of Tracker Episode 10 as Madison McMillion. 

Madison is Gus' daughter who went missing after getting on a plane with her brother and a client named Walter. 

Colter thinks that Walter is using Madison and her brother, Hank, for something illegal. True enough, Walter is later revealed to be a bad guy as Colter later confirms with Madison after finding her injured in the woods.

Colwell's most recognizable roles are playing Addy Soctomah in Nancy Drew, Lieutenant Hill in Resident Alien, and Angela in Big Sky

Jarrod Daniel - Hank McMillion

Jarrod Daniel as Hank in Tracker Episode 10
Jarrod Daniel

Jarrod Daniel is part of Tracker Episode 10's cast as Hank McMillion, Madison's brother and Gus' son. 

Hank is the one who changes the flight plan due to Walter's order while on board (he paid him $5,000 to do so). 

Hank also doesn't want to cooperate, but he has no choice since he wants to keep his sister safe. 

Daniel's other notable credits include appearances in Superman & Lois and Jason.

Peter Stormare - Voltz

Peter Stormare as Voltz in Tracker Episode 10
Peter Stormare

One of the newcomers in the world of Tracker is Peter Stormare as Voltz. 

Voltz appears in Episode 10 as the guy who is also searching for Walter since he is sent by the dealers from Reno to retrieve the money from the plane. 

Voltz later shoots Gus (he's still alive) and steals the plane to catch up with Colter to retrieve Walter and the money. 

Stormare has over 200 credits to his name, with memorable roles in Constantine, Fargo, Armaggedon, and John Wick: Chapter 2

Liza Huget - Leslie

Liza Huget as Leslie in Tracker Episode 10
Liza Huget

Liza Huget stars as Leslie, a clerk at the printing station whom Reenie visits to gather intel about Hank and Madison's client, Walter. 

Huget previously appeared in Stargate SG-1, The Commish, and Motherland: Fort Salem

Jonathan Connelly - Ranger Moore

Jonathan Connelly as Ranger Moore
Jonathan Connelly

Jonathan Connelly plays Ranger Moore in Tracker Episode 10. 

Ranger Moore appears when Colter tries to reach the ranger station, only to find out that he was tied up by Voltz. He later helps Colter bandage up his wounds. 

Tracker is Connelly's major acting credit.

New episodes of Tracker premiere every Sunday at 9 p.m. ET on CBS and stream the next day on Paramount+.

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