Thor: Love and Thunder Explains Why Chris Hemsworth's Hero Isn't Fat Anymore

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Marvel Studios has undeniably taken its time and struggled to find its footing with Thor. Chris Hemsworth's first two solo films are among the most controversial in the MCU, while Taika Waititi's third installment, Raganrok, turned the character around with a new comedic direction that proved popular among fans. Following his standout role in the two climactic Avengers events of the Infinity Saga, Waititi is back with a fourth Thor solo outing: Love and Thunder.

The God of Thunder proved to be the shining star of Infinity War, in which he took on and failed to kill Thanos, leading to the death of trillions. The depression of his failures led Hemsworth's Thor to gain some significant weight by the time Endgame came around, but with the Mad Titan now defeated, the Asgardian was last seen jetting off into space with the Guardians of the Galaxy.

Moving into Love and Thunder, on-set images have shown Hemsworth to be his most jacked yet, and toys look to depict Thor back in shape with new armor. So, how did the so-called Bro Thor lose all that beer weight?

Thor 4 Trailer Reveals Workout Montage

Marvel Studios' first trailer for Thor: Love and Thunder explained how Chris Hemsworth's God of Thunder will regain his godly physique, having put on a considerable amount of weight during his Avengers: Endgame depression. 

Love and Thunder's debut trailer featured Chris Hemsworth's Bro Thor working out wearing a tank top and a "Strongest Avenger" cap, a reference to his cocky comment from Ragnarok:

Thor Love and Thunder Workout
Marvel Studios

Thor can be seen doing the Battle Ropes exercise in a cave, shaking long and heavy metal chains attached to a giant skeleton; one would usually use a rope:

Thor Love and Thunder Workout
Marvel Studios

The trailer also opened with a scene of Thor running through the years, cutting between his childhood self, young adult days, and what looks to be an early MCU version. These three shots may then be followed by a modern-day big-bellied Thor doing some running as part of his weight loss program:

Thor Love and Thunder Running
Marvel Studios

Bro Thor No More

Taika Waititi shifted the God of Thunder's franchise from Shakespearean adventure to sci-fi comedy with Ragnarok, an angle that looks to be sticking around for Love and Thunder. This may be the best received of all the Thor films, but the recent comedic direction of the character hasn't been so popular with everyone.

Ragnarok saw Hemsworth's hero making quips at the expense of his friends and enemies, but by Endgame, Thor had turned into the butt of the jokes. After all, the movie took away his godly physique, turned him into a Fortnite player, and consistently poked fun at his downfall since the depression of his failure sunk in.

Fortunately, with Thanos gone, trillions resurrected, and his failures atoned for, Love and Thunder looks to be transitioning the character into his best state yet. The first step in that direction appears to be bringing back his classic shape, but with more muscle than ever before.

Perhaps Love and Thunder will open with a workout montage as Thor gradually loses weight throughout his travels with the Guardians. Someone like Rocket could integrate into a scene like this hilariously, almost serving as a personal trainer to Chris Hemsworth's god.

Exactly how long it takes Bro Thor to lose all that excess weight will be revealed in the not too distant future, as Love and Thunder hits theaters on July 8.

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