Thor 4 Leak Teases the Sequel’s Main Plot

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Thor: Love and Thunder has just recently broken quite an annoying record: it now holds the number one spot when it comes to the shortest amount of time between the first teaser trailer and the same project’s release date. Fans are starting to go into a frenzy. No doubt, summoning circles have likely started forming in order to try and pry some footage out of Marvel Studios HQ.

While it’s no trailer, recently new leaked images emerged from the upcoming line of Marvel Legends figures for Chris Hemsworth’s upcoming next MCU venture. Thanks to these new photos, audiences got a new look at Gorr the God Butcher, Ravager Thor, Star-Lord, Jane Foster, and more.

Now, some additional photos have slipped through the secretive cracks that showcase the description on the back of Valkyrie’s box. While, on the surface, it may not seem like it would reveal much, the box ended up potentially teasing the entire key storyline of the movie.

Thor 4 Sees New Asgard Threatened

Thor Love and Thunder, Christian Bale

Thanks to Twitter users @THORSFOSTER and @lovethundernews, a new look at leaked images of the upcoming line of Marvel Legends figures for Thor: Love and Thunder were revealed to the world.

This time around, fans got a treat: a new tease that offers fans more information about the film's inciting incident and main storyline.

On the back of Valkyrie’s Marvel Legends box, there is a description that warns of a “dangerous new visitor,” one who “threatens the livelihood of New Asgard” and calls Valkyrie to action:

“When a dangerous new visitor threatens the livelihood of New Asgard, King Valkyrie is forced to take up her sword once more to defend her people.”

Thor, Valkyrie, Tessa Thompson, Love and Thunder

The back of the packaging for Gorr's Marvel Legends figure is also particularly revealing, highlighting the new villain's mysterious sword:

“Wielding a strange and terrifying weapon, Gorr will let nothing stand in his way.”

Gorr the God Butcher description

Gorr's weapon has been of interest for a while now, with many believing the sword to be the symbiote-related All-Black the Necrosword. Could this description be another tease that the power of the symbiotes is what Christian Bale's villain uses to take on New Asgard?

The Main Storyline Revealed?

The "visitor" that the description teases is undoubtedly Christian Bale’s Gorr. After all, he is the main antagonist of the film—so attacking New Asgard directly fits with the role.

This tease also lines up with a previously leaked LEGO set called “The Battle of New Asgard”. On the front of the box, Thor and Jane Foster can be seen fighting Gorr the God Butcher. Oddly enough, there is no Valkyre pictured, however.

But why would Gorr be after New Asgard? His whole schtick is killing Gods specifically, and not much outside of that arena. Could the attack on their new home be happenstance?

Maybe Thor happened to be there when Gorr came for him, thus accidentally putting the whole village under fire. Then there’s the question of, in terms of the main storyline, will this event be more of an inciting incident, or a third act finale set piece?

There are certainly a lot of questions which need answers. Thankfully, Thor: Love and Thunder's release on July 8 isn’t all that far away, so fans will have all the information soon enough.

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