Full Cast of The Mire: Millennium (Season 3) - Every Main Character & Actor Who Appears (Photos)

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Polish star Dawid Ogrodnik returns to play investigative reporter Piotr Zarzycki in The Mire: Millennium on Netflix

Season 3 of The Mire tells how two investigative reporters, Witold and Piotr, solve murder cases in a forest named Gronty. 

The Mire: Millennium premiered on Netflix on February 28. 

Every Main Cast Member of The Mire: Millennium

Dawid Ogrodnik - Piotr Zarzycki

Dawid Ogrodnik as Piotr Zarzycki
Dawid Ogrodnik

Dawid Ogrodnik leads the cast of The Mire: Millennium as Piotr Zarzycki.

Piotr Zarzycki is an investigative reporter who has a keen eye for finding out the truth behind complex cases. 

The Mire Season 2 was filled with shocking reveals, such as Piotr having a son with his mistress Helena and his wife contemplating whether to leave him. Season 3 is set to address those ramifications.

Ogrodnik is known for his roles in Silent Night, Life Feels Good, and Ida.

Andrzej Seweryn - Witold Wanycz

Andrzej Seweryn as Witold Wanycz
Andrzej Seweryn

Witold Wanycz (played by Andrzej Seweryn) is Piotr's partner and fellow investigative reporter who works with him to unpack complicated murder cases. 

While solving cases, Witold has his own mystery to settle since his journey is centered on finding his beloved German woman, Else Koepke. 

In The Mire's first two seasons, Witold has yet to find Else, but the fact that he is motivated to search for her strongly hints that Season 3 could be when the two lovers reunite. 

Seweryn's notable credits include Schindler's List, The Last Family, and Prymas

Magdalena Różczka - Jass

Magdalena Różczka as Jass
Magdalena Różczka

Magdalena Różczka is part of The Mire: Millennium's cast as Jass, a sergeant who first appears in Season 2 and investigates a teenager who drowned in a lake. 

Jass is also having an affair with Piotr's wife, Teresa, and their strong romantic connection is why she wants to leave her husband. 

Różczka previously appeared in Time of Honor, 25 Years of Innocence, and Letters to Santa 4.

Łukasz Simlat - Mika

Łukasz Simlat as Mika
Łukasz Simlat

Łukasz Simlat plays Mika, a fellow investigator working for Jass who is hellbent on solving the case behind the murdered teenager despite being retired. 

Simlat has credits in Amok, Corpus Christi, and United States of Love

Janusz Gajos - Stary Jassijej

Janusz Gajos as Stary
Janusz Gajos

Janusz Gajos joins the cast of The Mire: Millennium as Stary Jassijej, a mysterious guy looking for Kociolek inside the morgue in Season 3, Episode 2. 

Gajos has over 100 credits, with roles in Fuks, Interrogation, and Body.

Piotr Fronczewski - Kierownik

Piotr Fronczewski as Kierownik
Piotr Fronczewski

Piotr Fronczewski plays Kierownik, a business manager celebrating his birthday and Witold's friend who tells him about the prosecutor's press conference about the dead body. 

Fronczewski is known for appearing in Lalka, Television Theater, and Chopin: Desire for Love.

Vanessa Aleksander - Joanna

Vanessa Aleksander as Joanna
Vanessa Aleksander

Vanessa Aleksander appears in Season 3 as Joanna. 

Joanna is an investigator who works alongside the prosecutor and the assessor to find out the true origins of the dead body that they found in Gronty Forest.

Aleksander previously appeared in The Hater, Legendy Polskie Smok, and Belle Epoque.

Michał Pawlik - Dzidzia

Michał Pawlik as Dzidzia
Michał Pawlik

Michał Pawlik plays Dzidzia in The Mire: Millennium

Dzidzia is a sergeant tasked to investigate Kierownik's death and why he was killed during his birthday party.

Pawlik has credits in Krol, Supernova, and Elephant.

Marianna Gierszewska - Matwiejska

Marianna Gierszewska as Matwiejska
Marianna Gierszewska

Matwiejska (played by Marianna Gierszewska) is the prosecutor's new assessor who helps in investigating the death of a Polish woman found in the woods. 

Gierszewska is known for her roles in Nina, Chrzciny, and Galaktyka.

Agnieszka Żulewska - Nadia

Agnieszka Żulewska as Nadia
Agnieszka Żulewska

Agnieszka Żulewska is part of the cast as Nadia, Witold's wife who knows that Piotr has a son named Daniel that he isn't aware of. 

Nadia tells Witold not to tell Piotr about his son, but she eventually advises him to do what he thinks is best.

Żulewska is known for her roles in Chemo, 1983, and High Water.

Wojciech Kalarus - Marian Hanys

Wojciech Kalarus as Hanys
Wojciech Kalarus

Wojciech Kalarus' Marian Hanys is a charismatic businessman who seems up to no good. 

In Season 3, Episode 1, Hanys is confronted by Mika since he thinks that he is a prime suspect in trafficking Romanian girls. 

One of the partygoers described Hanys as one of the "newest players in the world of the Polish business."

Kalarus previously appeared in projects like Television Theater, Web Therapy, and 1983.

Winicjusz Bartków - Buła

Winicjusz Bartków as Bula
Winicjusz Bartków

Playing Hanys' intimidating bodyguard is Winicjusz Bartków as Buła. 

Bartków's other notable credits include playing Ziomas in How I Became a Gangster.

All episodes of The Mire: Millennium are now streaming on Netflix.

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