The Mandalorian Set Video Shows Baby Yoda Jamming Out With Star Wars Director Robert Rodriguez

By Aeron Mer Eclarinal Posted:
Baby Yoda, Robert Rodriguez

The Mandalorian already capped its successful sophomore run, but fans have yet to recover from the surprises that transpired during the season. After nabbing multiple Emmy Awards from Season 1, the hit Star Wars show made a bold risk during Season 2 by featuring unexpected returns from characters like Ahsoka Tano, Bo-Katan , and Boba Fett .

As a result, the anticipation for The Mandalorian was sky-high before the drop of a new episode. Of course, the success of Season 2 wouldn't be possible without the help of big-time directors like Peyton Reed, Bryce Dallas Howard, and Robert Rodriguez. Interestingly, the latter wasn't originally supposed to direct an episode this season, with Rodriguez even admitting that he was a “last-minute replacement.”

Ultimately, though, everything worked out in the end, and Rodriguez delivered an impressive episode entitled “Chapter 14: The Tragedy.” And now, the director took to social media to give fans a Christmas present that they will never forget.


In a tweet , The Mandalorian director Robert Rodriguez shared a fun video of him and Grogu hanging out while taking a break from filming “Chapter 14.” The footage shows Rodriguez playing the guitar while Grogu, sitting atop the seeing stone from Tython, feels the rhythm of the beat of Rodriguez's jam.

One of the greatest strengths of The Mandalorian is its unique style of incorporating The Volume technology to filming as well as bringing Grogu to life with the use of a tiny lifelike puppet. This new video perfectly captures the lively nature of Grogu even without cameras rolling, and it goes to show how the cast and crew can easily interact with the Yoda-like toddler in between shots.

This isn't the first time that Rodriguez shared a behind-the-scenes moment with Grogu; the veteran director also shared an image of The Child during the announcement of his involvement in Season 2 last May.

With the impending arrival of the Disney Gallery series for The Mandalorian , there's a good chance that there will be more Grogu-focused behind-the-scenes moments that will be shared by the cast and crew in the coming weeks.

Not much is known if Grogu will return during Season 3 of The Mandalorian since he already joined Luke Skywalker to train as a full-fledged Jedi. Despite that, given the popularity of the character, it's a safe bet that fans haven't seen the last of The Child just yet, and his appearance will essentially become a must-see when the third season premieres down the road.

For now, fans can watch the charming video above to serve as a reminder of the character's overall impact on The Mandalorian and the Star Wars franchise in general.

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