Star Wars: The Mandalorian Composer Reacts to Emmy Win, Reveals Season 2 Update

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The Mandalorian

The Mandalorian had a pretty big week recently after a stockpile of reveals and accolades. First, the trailer for the Jon Favreau-created Disney+ series was unveiled, providing fans with a glimpse of new characters and planets that Baby Yoda and Mando will explore. Moreover, official merchandise for the hit Star Wars show also surfaced, teasing a new armor that will be worn by Din Djarin for the upcoming season.

The hype for The Mandalorian didn't stop there since a new survey revealed that the show was voted as Fall's most anticipated returning TV series. Not only that, the live-action Star Wars series also nabbed several Emmy awards in the process which featured an impressive win for The Mandalorian composer Ludwig Goransson. 

Now, Goransson took to social media to express his excitement about the significant achievement. 


In a post from Instagram, The Mandalorian composer Ludwig Goransson shared a heartfelt statement about his recent Emmy award for the show while also sharing that they "finished recording the last episode" of the sophomore season today: 

Thank you to the Academy for this honor and for all of the recognition the Mandalorian team has received this Emmy season.

Thank you @JonFavreau and @Dave.Filoni for creating this groundbreaking series and for giving me the opportunity to cross genres and boundaries with this score.

Thanks to my team and the talented musicians here in Los Angeles for bringing life to the music these last two seasons. Today we finished recording the last episode of Season 2, which I can’t wait for Mando fans to see. This is the way. xLG


Ludwig Goransson's score for The Mandalorian quickly became iconic in the eyes (or ears) of many Star Wars fans, and this recent award should solidify that even further. As it is, Goransson's statement might not reveal much, but it's clear that his recent comments indicate that the final touches for season 2 have already finished.

After scoring a total of 15 Emmy nominations, The Mandalorian has been nabbing awards left and right as evidenced by the recent wins of the hit live-action series. Fans are curious to know if the show will surprise everyone by winning the Emmy for Best Drama series, but the plethora of accolades for the show is a massive win already. No doubt, the expectations for The Mandalorian to capture notable awards will be high for this season and beyond, but it's a safe bet that the team behind-the-scenes will be up for that challenge. 

Meanwhile, aside from winning an Emmy for its original composition, Goransson's score has been front and center in previous promotional materials for the show. An official music video was released, providing fans a glimpse of how Goransson constructed the piece. On top of that, an exclusive vinyl set for The Mandalorian soundtrack will soon arrive. 

Without a doubt, Goransson's score was able to capture the western space vibe of The Mandalorian, and it will be interesting to see how it will evolve throughout the show's second season. 

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