The Flash Season 9 Just Gave Supergirl's Dreamer New Powers (Photos)

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Nicole Maines, Dreamer, The Flash

Supergirl's Dreamer visits Central City in The Flash's latest episode, and it looks like the returning Arrowverse guest star has a surprising new power that she showcased during her comeback. 

The Flash will have one final crossover with Supergirl, with the series bringing back Nicole Maines' Nia Nal aka Dreamer for another installment. The episode features a team-up between Nia and Iris West-Allen, but the pair get stuck in a fever dream that forces Team Flash to find a solution. 

The promo for the Arrowverse crossover showed that Nia and Iris will experience many alternate futures as Barry Allen races against time to save both of them. 

Supergirl’s Nicole Maines Opens up About Dreamer’s New Powers

Speaking with TV Insider, Dreamer actress Nicole Maines confirmed that her Supergirl character will exhibit new powers in the upcoming crossover with The Flash

The promo revealed that Iris and Nia are trapped inside the dream realm. However, this new dimension looks somewhat different since it involves alternate timelines.

Nicole Maines as Dreamer, Supergirl
Nicole Maines as Dreamer

When asked by TV Insider if fans will see versions of people that audiences are familiar with in the dream realm sequence, Maines responded with yes while also revealing that seeing alternate futures is Dreamer's "new way of interpreting" her powers: 

"Oh yeah. It’s a new way of interpreting Dreamer’s powers because we’re dealing with fate and the future in a way that’s more like alternate timelines."

In the Arrowverse, Dreamer's powers involve a vision of the current future. However, Maines explained that her character's comeback in The Flash will show Dreamer accessing "alternate presents" instead:

"Dreamer’s visions usually show her visions of the current future, right? But what this is, it’s an interesting way of her powers sort of showing alternate presents, if that makes sense? And it’s a new thing for Dreamer."

Nicole Maines as Dreamer, Supergirl
Nicole Maines as Dreamer

When TV Insider pointed out that Nia's dream about Iris is not a good dream, Maines agreed, saying that Dreamer is still "struggling to delve deeper into her visions:"

"Is it ever with Nia? Does she ever just have good dreams? [Laughs] I’m trying to think what I can and can’t say…Nia has been struggling to delve deeper into her visions, venturing farther into the dream realm than she has before. hoping to get to know her powers more. You know, it’s giving a little bit of 'Frozen 2,' you know? “Don’t go too far, you’ll be drowned.” It’s very much that."

The Arrowverse actress then teased why Nia needs to be in Central City in the episode: 

"And she has a vision involving Iris that does not bode well for Iris…I don’t know if she’s a danger, I don’t know if she’s going to be the one to help me, but I do know that I need to be in Central City."

While acknowledging the outlet's question about the fact that the episode will heavily revolve around two journalists putting everything together, Maines talked about the dynamic between Nia and Iris and their fun bonding moments off-screen: 

"Totally. We’ve each kind of existed in this same realm up until now and we’re actually getting to get these two women together. And I have so much fun with Candice, oh my god. She’s so hilarious and we had so much fun in between takes, making TikToks and goofing off together. But Iris and Nia together are sort of like you said, both journalists and both supporters of each other so they both kind of have the same way of thinking."

Dreamer, Martian Manhunter

Maines also reflected on the pair's mindset while stuck in the dream realm:

"And so as they’re thrust into this dream together, they’re each kind of coming at it from this investigative point of view, trying to unravel this mystery together. They’re like, 'We can do this, right? Of course, we can do this. We’re two smart, capable women. We got this.' And we don’t have this at all."

Why Dreamer's New Powers Elevate the Arrowverse Hero

It looks like Dreamer's new abilities are quite similar to Cisco's powers as Vibe. 

In the Arrowverse, Vibe can also see alternate timelines, but the main difference is that he doesn't need to sleep to view them. Still, The Flash could further explore Dreamer's new powers and the show could reveal how it differs from Cisco's abilities. 

Tapping into alternate futures presents many exciting possibilities and potential cameos for the show's Supergirl crossover. It is also quite fitting that this plot point will be explored in The Flash, which is best known for showcasing alternate timelines. 

Ultimately, giving Dreamers new powers is an impactful send-off for the Arrowverse hero, especially after her major role in Supergirl's final season

Moreover, the character's return in The Flash also allows Nicole Maines to tap into a different side of Nia, considering that she will spend a good chunk of the episode with Candice Patton's Iris West-Allen. 

After spending a huge amount of time with Brainy in Supergirl, seeing Nia more as a journalist complete with her investigative skills will be interesting to witness alongside Iris' expertise in her craft.

The Flash Season 9 Episode 7, "Only in our Dreams," is now available to stream on The CW app.

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