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Movie fans wonder whether the film adaptation of Tom Clancy's The Division will be released theatrically.

Clancy's books have been developed into various award-winning movies and TV shows, including The Hunt for Red October and the Jack Ryan series.

Published in 2016, The Division has also been ripe for an adaptation to the small or big screen, with rumors hinting at a Hollywood production being developed over the last few years.

Is Jake Gyllenhaal's The Division Still Happening?

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Variety announced plans for a movie adaptation of The Division in 2016, which would cast Jake Gyllenhaal of Spider-Man: Far From Home in the leading role.

Initially set to be directed by Stephen Gaghan as of January 2017 (per Variety), the production team changed directions and brought on Deadpool 2's David Leitch in the same role (per Variety).

In June 2019, Variety confirmed Netflix bought the distribution rights to The Division, confirming it would have a streaming debut when it was made and ready to be released.

Unfortunately, the movie faced a second change in leadership when Deadline reported in March 2022 that Rawson Marshall Thurber would take over the director's chair from Leitch.

Since then, updates on production have been limited, although Thurber responded to questions about its status on X (formerly Twitter) in January.

When asked if the studio had given up on the movie, Thurber responded with a cryptic message saying, "No, sir. Watch this space..."

Replying to another post that asked who he hoped would be involved with the movie, the director teased, "I hope to involve the entire community. Real talk."

When Could The Division Movie Release?

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If The Division is still in active development, it will likely take some time to get off the ground and ready for a big-screen debut.

The Division starting filming within the next year, optimistically, would set up a theatrical premiere within the next two to three years.

That timeframe could be longer, however, due to multiple other projects Thurber is currently working on which are more urgent.

Deadline shared in January 2022 that eOne had plans to develop a Dungeons & Dragons flagship TV series, which was said to set up an expansive TV universe. Thurber was named as the director for the pilot and also took a role as an executive producer on the series.

The report explained how multiple buyers were bidding for its streaming rights after its creative team was replaced.

Additionally, according to The Hollywood Reporter in March 2022, Thurber was attached to co-write and direct a live-action Voltron movie. That film was also being shipped out to multiple streaming services and studios in the mix to produce it.

The Division Movie's Potential Cast

Jake Gyllenhaal in Road House and Jessica Chastain in George and Tammy
Jake Gyllenhaal and Jessica Chastain

As of April 2016 (per TheWrap), the only confirmed cast members for The Division were Jake Gyllenhaal and Jessica Chastain. That report did not confirm roles for either star.

Additionally, in Variety's report about Leitch directing the movie, Gyllenhaal and Chastain were confirmed to be producers on The Division. This gave them more power and control in the creative process behind the scenes, along with their major roles in front of the camera.

What Could Happen in The Divison Movie?

The Division cityscape in cinematic trailer

In the original book, a viral epidemic transmitted by a smallpox-based virus sweeps through New York City on Black Friday 2015. This epidemic is known as "Green Poison" or the "Dollar Flu." It causes widespread chaos and puts major U.S. cities under quarantine.

The government then activates sleeper agents for the Strategic Homeland Division (or The Division) to assist first responders in restoring order. Instead, the first agents deployed to New York City go AWOl, forcing the main set of agents to go in and fix the problem.

This also comes after a vaccine was administered to the public, but it failed to stop the spread of the virus.

Chastain and Gyllenhaal would most likely play agents who come in that second wave to help the general public during the epidemic.

However, with no other story details publicly revealed yet, plenty of mystery remains about how The Division's story will be adapted for a live-action movie.

As of writing, The Division does not have a confirmed production schedule or release date.

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