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Dwayne Johnson, Gal Gadot and Ryan Reynolds in Red Notice

Red Notice 2, following up on the star-studded trio of Dwayne Johnson, Gal Gadot, and Ryan Reynolds, is still in the cards for Netflix

Red Notice premiered on Netflix on November 12, 2021. While it earned mixed reviews from critics (37% critic approval rating from Rotten Tomatoes), audiences widely praised the chemistry of the three main stars.

As a result, the action movie became the most-watched film on Netflix (via Ryan Reynolds' Instagram account) during its release day, meaning that a sequel is a no-brainer.

When Will Red Notice 2 Release?

Dwayne Johnson and Ryan Reynolds in Red Notice

On November 9, 2021, three days before Red Notice's premiere, Dwayne Johnson, whose production company Seven Bucks served as the film's producers, told SiriusXM that "there's a good chance" that fans will see a follow-up to the film: 

"I will tell you that just based off of reaction so far and what we've been able to cull from the audiences, there's a good chance that we will see a return of this."

True enough, Deadline shared in January 2022 that Netflix was in "the early stages" of planning a back-to-back filming of two Red Notice sequels, with hopes of cameras starting to roll in early 2023. 

Red Notice writer and director Rawson Marshall Thurber was tapped to write the script. 

Considering the busy schedules of Johnson, Gadot, and Reynolds and the WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes, filming didn't commence at all in 2023. 

Still, there was a promising update from Gal Gadot in June 2023 when she told Collider that the script for Red Notice 2 is already finished: 

"We’re all talking about it. I don’t know if I can say anything! I already read the second script and it’s, whoo! We’re all very excited about it!”

Circling back to October 2022, Red Notice producer Beau Flynn told Collider that the plan to film back-to-back will depend on the scripts of the follow-ups and how the main trio feels about them: 

“Well, we have a ‘Red Notice 2’ script and almost ['Red Notice'] 3. The plan is hopefully if Hiram and I have our way that we will make those movies back to back. But it’s going to be all about the scripts and how we feel and how Dwayne, Gal, and Ryan feel about them. But that franchise is a blast and obviously, Netflix really wants it, and Rawson [Marshall Thurber, director and screenwriter] is committed.”

The chances of filming back-to-back are slim in early to mid-2024 due to some factors like Reynolds' busy Deadpool 3 schedule and Johnson's potential commitment with the WWE during the Wrestlemania 40 season between March and April 2024. 

Filming for Red Notice began in January 2020, but it experienced several delays due to the COVID-19 pandemic which ultimately halted production in March 2020. 

Production then resumed in September 2020, with it wrapping up in November. 

It's possible that production for Red Notice 2 could start in late 2024, barring any setbacks. 

Considering reshoots and post-production, the sequel could potentially be released in mid to late 2025, possibly following in the footsteps of the first film in November 2025. 

Who's Cast in Red Notice 2?

Dwayne Johnson, Gal Gadot, and Ryan Reynolds in Red Notice

Red Notice 2 would not be complete without its star-studded trio of Dwayne Johnson, Ryan Reynolds, and Gal Gadot. The three main stars are expected to return for another global heist, especially after the first film's nerve-wracking ending. 

Ritu Arya, who plays Interpol inspector Urvashi Das in the first film, is also poised for a comeback after her significant involvement in the final moments of Red Notice.

Given that the first movie didn't address Sotto Voce's fate after being hit by a trapdoor in a bull ring, there is a chance that Chris Diamantopoulos could seek revenge against the trio in Red Notice 2

What Is Red Notice 2's Story?

Ryan Reynolds in Red Notice

Red Notice ended with several twists and turns. For starters, Dwayne Johnson's John Hartley betrayed Ryan Reynolds' Booth since he is actually in cahoots with The Bishop (Gal Gadot) all this time. 

After managing to steal Cleopatra's Egg and blindsiding Booth, Hartley and The Bishop claim their $300 million reward from the Egyptian billionaire. In another shocking development, the pair outsmarted the billionaire and had him arrested by Interpol. 

Fast forward to six months later, Booth crashes into Hartley and The Bishop's escape in paradise by telling them that Interpol froze their assets and they have no choice but to accept his offer of another job. 

The film ends with the trio scouting their next target: the Louvre Museum in Paris.

Red Notice 2 has a unique opportunity that the first film wasn't able to deliver since the trio will be working together from the get-go instead of being on opposite sides. 

Speaking with GamesRadar in November 2021, Red Notice director Rawson Marshall Thurber addressed if the three can trust each other, teasing that "it can be tricky:"

"Can they or can't they? As the writer-director, I can't quite help myself thinking about what I want to do next. I love these characters, I love this world, I love this tone. I have an idea of what's in store for them, but I think when you put three thieves together, it can be tricky. Never trust anybody!"

It would be surprising if The Bishop decides to betray Hartley this time, forcing Booth to choose which one to trust.

Aside from the stakes of a heist and Interpol in their tail, the humor and the dynamic from its three main leads are expected to be a sight to see. 

The new mission of Hartley, Bishop, and Booth could also take them into different parts of the world, similar to the globe-throttling venture of the first film which featured locations like Argentina and Eygpt. 

Red Notice is streaming on Netflix.

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