Red Notice 2 Gets Exciting Update: When Will It Release?

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Fans just got an exciting update on the status of Netflix's Red Notice 2 ahead of its release.

Red Notice became the fifth-most-streamed movie across all streaming services in 2021, featuring an all-star trio of Deadpool's Ryan Reynolds, Black Adam's Dwayne Johnson, and Wonder Woman's Gal Gadot.

Following that success, Netflix almost immediately gave a greenlight for two sequels to go into production, with the streamer hoping to earn the same success that it did with the first Red Notice adventure.

Red Notice 2 Makes Headway

Red Notice

Speaking with Collider at Netflix's 2023 TUDUM event, Gal Gadot confirmed that Red Notice 2 is still set to release following several news of dead silence about the sequel.

Gadot confirmed that a script for the sequel is now complete:

"We're all talking about it. I don't know if I can say anything! I already read the second script and it’s… whoo! We're all very excited about it!"

While a production listing noted that Red Notice 2 and Red Notice 3 would begin filming back-to-back in January 2023, that date has come and gone without any sign of production starting.

The first Red Notice went through production in January-March 2020 and again in September-November before debuting on Netflix on November 4, 2021.

When Will Red Notice 2 Release on Netflix?

Even though Gal Gadot mentioned the fact that the latest script for Red Notice 2 is now complete, there's still no confirmation of when it will start shooting or release on Netflix. 

However, it's unlikely that Netflix will want to sit long on a script that'll turn one of its most successful movies into a true franchise.

For the next few months, Reynolds will be busy in London filming Deadpool 3, which will likely leave him unavailable for the foreseeable future as he looks to make his long-awaited debut in the MCU.

With Johnson and Gadot now having left the DC Universe in the rearview mirror (even though Gadot may not be definitive there), fans should expect Red Notice 2 to release within the next couple of years, but no earlier than the second half of 2025.

Red Notice is currently streaming on Netflix.

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