Hugh Jackman Shows Off New Wolverine Beard Amid Deadpool 3 Filming (Photo)

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Hugh Jackman just posted a new photo of himself, including his new beard, as his next Wolverine appearance for Deadpool 3 gets underway with production.

The actor's notable facial hair has always been the subject of speculation whenever it's popped up in images of Jackman since the big Deadpool 3 announcement. Many think that the look all but confirms fans will be getting an older version of the character—even if it isn't the same exact one from Logan.

Production for Ryan Reynolds' highly anticipated threequel just started up despite the writer's strike still waging against the industry.

Hugh Jackman Show Off His Wolvie Beard

A new Tweet from Wolverine actor Hugh Jackman shows the actor excited for his big return.

The image, which holds Jackman's facial hair on full display, is captioned "LFG!"—otherwise known as, Let's F***king Go!

Hugh Jackman, Wolverine
Hugh Jackman

Many fans are assuming this is related to Deadpool 3, which just started production in the United Kingdom.

Earlier in June, Jackman showed off the same beard styling, though, it was a tad shorter at the time.

Hugh Jackman
Hugh Jackman

A Grizzled Wolverine For Deadpool 3?

Initially, some hoped that the Wolverine fans got would be more representative of his time in the earlier X-Men films.

Now, it seems all but certain that whatever Variant fans get in Deadpool 3, he'll be far closer to the mutant who starred in Logan.

The most likely scenario is that this new Wolverine will be from another new timeline altogether. Taking into account his grizzled look, this Variant of the hero will undoubtedly be dealing with his own intense hardships when Wade Wilson shows up in his life.

The real mystery, however, is if Hugh Jackman's intense beard will go with the comic-accurate super suit that audiences are dying to see the character don.

Deadpool 3 is set to hit theaters on November 8, 2024.

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