Full Cast of The Chosen Season 3 - Every Main Character & Actor Who Appears (Photos)

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The Chosen Season 3 cast members

The Chosen Season 3 chronicled the life of Jesus Christ, anchored by its strong cast of actors featuring stars such as Jonathan Roumie and Elizabeth Tabish. 

Season 3 sees Jesus and his apostles grappling over the complexities of their ministry as they encounter several challenges spearheaded by the Jewish and Roman leaders while also trying to keep their friendship strong amid the issues. 

Every Character & Actor in The Chosen Season 3

Jonathan Roumie - Jesus

Jonathan Roumie as Jesus in The Chosen
Jonathan Roumie

Jonathan Roumie leads the cast of The Chosen as Jesus Christ. The series explores Jesus' humanity, his daily life with his apostles, and the looming threat of his lurking enemies.

In Season 3, Jesus deals with Peter's resentment toward him while also exploring the different miracles from the bible, such as walking on water and healing a mute man.  

Roumie has over 60 credits to his name, including roles in Chicago Med, Jesus Revolution, and NCIS: Los Angeles.

Elizabeth Tabish - Mary Magdalene

Elizabeth Tabish as Mary Magdalene in The Chosen
Elizabeth Tabish 

Elizabeth Tabish returns to star as Mary Magdalene, one of Jesus' longtime followers. 

Mary Magdalene's spiritual journey in Season 3 centers around her strong faith in Jesus and how she uses it to help others like Matthew. 

Tabish can be seen in The Shift, Panic, and Honor Among Thieves.

Shahar Isaac - Simon Peter

Shahar Isaac as Simon Peter in The Chosen
Shahar Isaac

Shahar Isaac plays Simon Peter, a member of Jesus' 12 disciples who pledged his loyalty to him after witnessing a miracle performed by the Messiah. 

At the center of Peter's story in The Chosen Season 3 is losing faith in God after his wife, Eden, had a miscarriage. Peter's anger is then directed to Jesus since he believes that He allowed Eden to suffer. 

Isaac is known for his roles in The Good Fight and Madam Secretary.

Paras Patel - Matthew

Paras Patel as Matthew in The Chosen
Paras Patel 

Paras Patel stars as Matthew, another member of Jesus' 12 disciples who documents the works and teachings of the Messiah. 

Matthew's past as a tax collector is chronicled in Season 3, as is how his faith changed after meeting Jesus. 

Patel has credits in The DUFF, Nashville, and Traitor.

Noah James - Andrew

Noah James as Andrew in The Chosen
Noah James

Andrew (played by Noah James) is Simon Peter's brother and one of Jesus' 12 disciples. 

One notable storyline involving Andrew in The Chosen Season 3 is fixing the crisis in Decapolis which leads to the Feeding of the 5,000. Working alongside him during that pivotal moment is Philip. 

James previously appeared in Shameless, Game Shakers, and S.W.A.T. 

Lara Silva - Eden

Lara Silva as Eden in The Chosen
Lara Silva

Lara Silva brings Eden to life in The Chosen Season 3. 

Eden is Simon Peter's wife who struggles with her faith after suffering from a miscarriage.

Anchored by her desire to understand how to keep her faith alive, Eden goes to a Rabbi in Season 3, Episode 8 to address her grief by allowing herself to feel the pain and sadness through the love of God. 

Silva's notable credits include Dynasty, Queen of the South, and Divine Influencer.

Shaan Sharma - Shmuel

Shaan Sharma as Shmuel in The Chosen
Shaan Sharma

Shaan Sharma's Shmuel is one of the Pharisees in Capernaum in The Chosen

In the latter half of Season 3, Shmuel tries his best to find three key witnesses to testify against Jesus to convict him of crimes according to the Law of Moses.

Sharma previously appeared in 9-1-1: Lone Star, SEAL Team, and Grey's Anatomy

Nick Shakoour - Zebedee

Nick Shakoour in an interview for The Chosen
Nick Shakoour

Nick Shakoour plays Zebedee, John and Big James' father and a local fisherman. 

Zebedee appears in Season 3 to help Eden with her grief over her miscarriage. He also acknowledges the fact that Simon Peter has been distant lately, but he understands his predicament after losing an unborn child. 

Shakoour served as the voice of Grumpy Bear and Tenderheart Bear in 70 episodes of Care Bears: Unlock the Magic. The actor also starred in State of Affairs and Hawaii Five-0

George H. Xanthis - John the Apostle

George H. Xanthis  as John the Apostle in The Chosen
George H. Xanthis 

George H. Xanthis is part of Season 3's cast as John the Apostle.

As one of the 12 disciples, John the Apostle is a true brother in Christ as he helps his peers move forward with their problems, particularly Simon Peter in Season 3.

In the Bible, John the Apostle is the author of the Book of Revelation (his alias is later revealed to be John the Revelator). 

Xanthis can be seen in Syd2030, Open Slather, and Deep Water.

Abe Bueno-Jallad - Big James

Abe Bueno-Jallad as Big James in The Chosen
Abe Bueno-Jallad

Another member of the 12 disciples is Big James. The character is played by Abe Bueno-Jallad.

Big James, who is John's (the Apostle) brother, cements his loyalty to Jesus by accompanying him through various clashes with the Romans and the powerful leaders.

Bueno-Jallad is best known for his roles in Good Girls Revolt, Lethal Weapon, and Great Pretender.

Brandon Potter - Quintus

Brandon Potter as Quintus in The Chosen
Brandon Potter 

Brandon Potter stars as Quintus, a Roman magistrate in Capernaum and the Praetor of Galilee.

Fans may recognize Potter for his roles in The Inside Man, Little Woods, and The Finale.

Kirk B. R. Woller - Gaius

Kirk B. R. Woller as Gaius in The Chosen
Kirk B. R. Woller

Kirk B.R. Woller joins Season 3's cast as Gaius, a nice Roman soldier who helps Simon Peter evade his peers by temporarily sending him to his house. 

Gaius has a sick servant child whom the Romans do not want to treat because he is Black. 

Woller has credits in Flightplan, Poseidon, and The X-Files.

Giavani Cairo - Thaddeus

Giavani Cairo as Thaddeus in The Chosen
Giavani Cairo 

Giavani Cairo's Thaddeus is a stonemason-turned-disciple of Jesus who has consistently shown his loyalty to the Messiah. 

Cairo's major credits include CSI: Vegas, Doom Patrol, and 9-1-1: Lone Star.

Jordan Walker Ross - Little James

Jordan Walker Ross as Little James in The Chosen
Jordan Walker Ross

Jordan Walker Ross reprises his role as Little James, a member of Jesus' 12 disciples. 

Despite the character's disability, Little James has proven his loyalty to the Messiah time and time again. 

In the Season 3 finale, Little James plays an important role in the Feeding of the 5,000 by asking his fellow disciples to ask for help from Jesus to fulfill their impossible yet worthwhile mission. 

Jordan Walker Ross is known for his roles in 1883, The Shift, and Shadow Creek

Joey Vahedi - Thomas

Joey Vahedi as Thomas in The Chosen
Joey Vahedi

Joey Vahedi plays Thomas, an apostle who seeks the affection and approval of Ramah and her family for marriage. 

Vahedi previously appeared in Lucifer, NCIS: New Orleans, and Masters of Sex.

Yasmine Al-Bustami - Ramah

Yasmine Al-Bustami as Ramah in The Chosen
Yasmine Al-Bustami

Yasmine Al-Bustami appears as Ramah, Thomas' lover and a devout follower of Jesus. 

Season 3 sees Ramah staying behind in Capernaum to try to convince her father to marry Thomas.

Al-Bustami starred in The Originals and Nashville.

Vanessa Benavente - Mother Mary

Vanessa Benavente as Mother Mary in The Chosen
Vanessa Benavente

Vanessa Benavente is part of the cast as Mother Mary, the mother of Jesus Christ. 

Benavente can be seen in Griselda, Your Iron Lady, and Discover Indie Film.

Yoshi Barrigas - Philip

Yoshi Barrigas as Philip in The Chosen
Yoshi Barrigas

Yoshi Barrigas portrays Philip in The Chosen Season 3 before being replaced by Reza Diako in Season 4. 

Philip is a former student of John the Baptist who later becomes one of Jesus' disciples. 

Barrigas' notable credits include Criminal Minds, Six, and The Big Bang Theory.

Austin Reed Alleman - Nathanael

Austin Reed Alleman as Nathanael in The Chosen
Austin Reed Alleman

Nathanael (played by Austin Reed Alleman) is one of Jesus' 12 disciples. He also goes by the name of Bartholomew in the Bible. 

Alleman previously appeared in Mr. Robot and Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.

Alaa Safi - Simon the Zealot

Alaa Safi as Simon the Zealot in The Chosen
Alaa Safi 

Alaa Safi is part of The Chosen's massive ensemble as Simon the Zealot. 

Simon the Zealot is a follower of Jesus who pledges his faith and loyalty to him after the Messiah healed him. 

Safi has over 40 credits, with roles in Chinese Zodiac, Doctor Strange, and Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny

Luke Dimyan - Judas Iscariot

Luke Dimyan as Judas Iscariot in The Chosen
Luke Dimyan

Judas Iscariot is a known disciple of Jesus who later betrays him which leads to Christ's crucifixion. The character is played by Luke Dimyan. 

Dimyan's other recognizable roles include playing Zeb Miller in Home Invasion and Jukes in Table Read Podcast.

Ivan Jasso - Yussif

Ivan Jasso as Yussif in The Chosen
Ivan Jasso

Ivan Jasso is back as Yussif, one of the Pharisees in Capernaum who works closely with Shmuel. 

Despite his role as a Pharisee, Yussif has grown close to Jesus' teachings and disciples which could hint that it is only a matter of time before he switches sides.

Jasso is known for his roles in The Boy and the Beast, Echo 3, and The Son.

Amber Shana Williams - Tamar

Amber Shana Williams as Tamar in The Chosen
Amber Shana Williams 

Amber Shana Williams plays an Ethiopian lady named Tamar who is one of Mary Magdalene's close friends.

Williams' major credits include Nacho, Now and Then, and If Only.

Elijah Alexander - Atticus Aemilius Pulcher

Elijah Alexander as Atticus in The Chosen
Elijah Alexander

Elijah Alexander brings Atticus Aemilius Pulcher to life in The Chosen Season 3. 

Atticus Aemilius Pulcher is one of the Roman figures tasked to investigate Jesus.

Alexander can be seen in Mr. and Mrs. Smith, Awake, and Touch.

David Amito - John the Baptist

David Amito as John the Baptist in The Chosen
David Amito

David Amito plays John the Baptist, Jesus' second cousin known as the one who baptizes people in the Jordan River.

Amito has credits in Warehouse 13, Nikita, and Waiting for Summer.

Seasons 1-3 of The Chosen are available to stream on Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, Peacock, and for free on The Chosen app. Season 1 is streaming on Netflix.

Season 4 made its debut on The Chosen app on June 2.

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