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After a stellar second season, the hype surrounding The Bear Season 3 is high. 

Created by Christopher Storer, The Bear revolves around Jeremy Allen White's Carmen "Carmy" Berzatto, an award-winning chef who returns to his hometown to manage the chaotic kitchen at his late brother's sandwich shop. 

The Bear made its debut on Hulu on June 23, 2022. A month after its premiere, FX decided to renew the series for a 10-episode second season, with it premiering on June 22, 2023. 

Will The Bear Season 3 Release?

The Bear, Jeremy Allen White, Lionel Boyce

In November 2023, FX Entertainment (via Deadline) announced that The Bear has been renewed for Season 3. 

As part of the announcement, the president of FX Entertainment Nick Grad offered high praise to the 13-time Emmy-nominated series, noting that it has become "a cultural phenomenon:"

"'The Bear,' which wowed audiences in its first season only to achieve even greater heights in season two, has become a cultural phenomenon. We’re so proud to partner with Christopher Storer, Joanna Calo, Josh Senior, and the rest of the creative team, as well as the brilliant cast led by Jeremy Allen White, Ayo Edebiri, and Ebon Moss-Bachrach. What they and the crew have done is truly remarkable, and we and our partners at Hulu and Disney+ join fans in looking forward to the next chapter in the story of 'The Bear.'"

Season 1 earned a total of 13 Emmy nominations while also becoming the most-watched single season ever in FX history. 

The Bear Season 2 took it up a notch with extremely high Hulu viewership. After making its debut on Hulu, it became the most-watched premiere of any FX series on the Disney-owned streaming service.

In addition, JustWatch, via Media Play News, noted that The Bear was the most streamed TV series across all platforms in the United States during the week ending June 25, 2023. 

Aside from its impressive viewership, The Bear also did well in terms of audience reception.

The Bear has an overall 99% critic approval rating and a 92% audience score on Rotten Tomatoes. Meanwhile, on Metacritic, the series has a weighted average score of 90 out of 100. 

In December 2023, Deadline's report stated that The Bear Season 3 is set to commence filming in late February or early March, meaning that the new batch of episodes could arrive before 2024 ends. 

Disney+ UK then gave an official release update for Season 3 in January 2024, confirming that The Bear is listed as part of the streaming service's lineup for the year. 

Season 1 began filming in mid-late February 2022 and was released months later in late June 2022. 

Season 2 had a similar timeframe since it kicked off principal photography in February 2023 and it premiered in June 2023. 

Assuming that Season 3 will follow a similar format, then a July 2024 release timeline would be a strong possibility. 

The Bear Season 3 Cast: Who Would Return?

The Bear cast

The majority of the cast members of The Bear are likely to return in Season 3 if Hulu and FX renew the series.

Jeremy Allen White is set to lead the cast as Carmy alongside his two closest associates, Sydney (Ayo Edebiri) and Richie (Ebon Moss-Bachrach). 

Although the Season 2 finale left Carmy and Claire's relationship on a bad note, Molly Gordon's character could still come back to try and sort things out and ultimately save their bond. 

Here's a list of actors and characters who are expected to come back: 

  • Jeremy Allen White - Carmy
  • Ebon Moss-Bachrach - Richie
  • Ayo Edebiri - Sydney
  • Abby Elliott - Natalie
  • Liza Colón-Zayas - Tina
  • Edwin Lee Gibson - Ebra
  • Matty Matheson - Neil Fak
  • Lionel Boyce - Marcus
  • Oliver Platt - Uncle Jimmy
  • Chris Witaske - Pete
  • Molly Gordon - Claire

Jamie Lee Curtis, who plays Carmy's mom, could also return in Season 3 if the show decides to showcase more of the lead character's family history. 

What Could Happen in The Bear Season 3?

Jeremy Allen White, The Bear

At the end of Season 2, The Bear (the restaurant) saw a hugely successful opening night despite numerous obstacles including faulty fridge doors and troublesome staff members. The night left its crew in shambles though, thus perfectly setting up the ramifications that Season 3 is poised to explore. 

Ebon Moss-Bachrach, who plays Richie, spoke with Digital Spy in July to tease what lies ahead in Season 3. 

The actor said that the upcoming season could revolve around the restaurant's day-to-day operations, with him wondering "if it's sustainable," especially after a disastrous Season 2 finale: 

"The first season we meet the restaurant. And then the second season is creating a new iteration of the restaurant and it ends on the first day. 

So now I'm curious to see what the day-to-day life is and if it's sustainable. That would be a third season in my mind is like, okay, so what is the new thing like? Because they don't really get to see it too much."

The Bear Season 3 could explore how the main characters (Carmy and Richie) will find a way to repay their debt for the restaurant to Jimmy. 

The aftermath of Carmy and Claire's falling out in the Season 2 finale could also be highlighted. 

Given that the pair's relationship has been a vital arc in the second season, Carmy's next actions to try and resolve his issues with Claire while also balancing his time in the kitchen could take a good chunk of Season 3's storyline. 

Meanwhile, Carmy's new dynamic with Richie and Sydney is also expected to be pushed to the forefront in Season 3, especially after he screwed up everything in the previous finale. 

One of the biggest questions from fans is a possible romance angle between Carmy and Sydney. However, Ayo Edibiri is not a fan of the idea. 

Speaking with The Hollywood Reporter in an interview published in August 2023, the actress pointed out that it is "frustrating" to see fans wishing for a possible romantic connection between the two characters: 

“It’s really not our thought process when we’re making the show, and I understand it can be part of a show’s culture — but I don’t think they’re going to get what they want.” 

Season 3's side stories could tackle Marcus' journey to becoming a pastry chef and the potential loss of his mother, Natalie's relationship with her mother, and further explore Carmy's family history. 

Where Can I Watch The Bear Season 3 When It Releases?

The Bear, Jeremy Allen White, Ayo Edibiri, Abby Elliott

The first two seasons of The Bear were released directly onto Hulu, and as such, the same is expected to be true with Season 3 when it eventually comes to pass.

The eight-episode Season 1 and ten-episode Season 2 both debuted all their episodes on the same day, so Season 3 is likely to take on the same binge format.

While an episode count has yet to be announced for Season 3 as the show has yet to be renewed, it wouldn't be surprising to see it replicate the ten-episode run of Season 2 after its huge success.

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